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Jul 06 / 2021

Armodafinil dosage refiment

What is the dosage of Armodafinil?

As each drug Generic Armodafinil must be taken according to recommendations of your doctor. Follow all his advice and do not violate them. Take the dose which was prescribed you, because it is individual and right for your organism. Do not share Armodafinil with anyone, especially with those who had history of drug or alcohol addiction. If you stick to the norm you are not likely to face with different side effects and you will get a desirable result from the drug. In such a case you can buy Armodafinil without any doubts.

Dose for adults with Narcolepsy.

Those who face with narcolepsy are recommended to have 150 mg or 250 mg of the drug one time a day. It is not yet fully known whether the dose which is bigger than 150 mg has additional benefits.

Dose for adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

It is recommended to have 150 mg or 250 mg of Armodafinil once a day for those who suffer from OSA.

Dose for adults with Work Sleep Disorder.

If you have problems with work shift you are advised to have 150 mg of the medication orally one time a day 1 hour before the work shift starts.

Dose adjustments for liver.

Those who have severe problems with hepatic dysfunction it is recommended to take Armodafinil in reduced doses. But there is not yet set recommended dose for such a condition. In one study with patients who suffered from liver dysfunction the oral clearance of the medication was decreased up to 60%. In comparison with normal patients the concentration in the first was doubled.

Other dose adjustments.

It is very important to use lower doses for elderly people, because due to the age the clearance of the drug can be significantly reduced. As for gender there is no concrete dosage for each separate. There were noticed no pharmacokinetics between women and men.


The physicians must be well assured that some patients may have several sleep disorders which contribute to excessive sleep before they can order Armodafinil. There is no specific data, but there is a possibility that a drug can be abusive. As for children any safety and effectiveness of the medication was not established. Some studies reveal that pediatric patients who received Armodafinil experienced rash, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. It suggested monitoring patients’ high blood pressure if they continuously take Armodafinil. Those who take it for a long period of time it is recommended to reevaluate the effectiveness of the drug periodically.