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Jul 09 / 2021

Armodafinil helps pilots

Armodafinil helps pilots to stay awake.

Anyone who has ever spent two or more nights without sleep knows how it is suffering from extreme fatigue. Nothing in the world can defeat the desire to fall asleep and nothing can help. But, for such cases, there was developed a special medication able to keep you awake and in good form for quite a long time. The name of this medication is Armodafinil (which is also famous under the names of Nuvigil and Waklert).

The research found that the drug enhanced the effectiveness of helicopter pilots on a simulator, who were deprived of sleep for a long time.   In tests on helicopter pilots, those pilots who were getting 600 mg of the drug in 3 doses, kept their waking state as «8 hours of sleep to 88 hours». In other tests, the pilots of the F-117, who were deprived of sleep and were receiving 300 mg of the drug (3 doses of 100mg), retained about 27 percent of their skills. Barbara Sahakian, a professor of neuropsychology from University of Cambridge, who tested the medication in a series of experiments on human volunteers, said that the results showed greater concentration, much faster training and increasing of mental agility.   The drug can also act in the role of an antidepressant or neuroprotective.

The researches showed that when taking the medication several indicators of working memory significantly improved (the number of memorized numbers, account, recognition of symbols), and as for improving of other indicators there are conflicting results. Some positive results and effects can be manifested only by people with the low IQ. The results of research on doctors, who were deprived of sleep, showed that using Generic Armodafinil (200 mg after one night without sleep) improves processing of information, flexible thinking and quick decision-making, compared with placebo.

However, the quality of a simple procedural action (that is, work on the simulator) had not improved. The medication has been used successfully in the US to help with jet lag (flights to distant time zones).   Despite intensive researches on the interaction of the drug with a great number of neurotransmitters, the set of mechanisms of interaction of this drug with others remains unclear. Perhaps, Armodafinil, like many other psycho stimulants, enhances the release of monoamines - especially catecholamine of norepinephrine and dopamine - from synaptic gaps.

Some researchers consider it rather «a remedy for insomnia» than a classic amphetamine and are sure that the medication has a low potential for serious abuse and does not make people who first used it addictive to it. The impact of the drug reduces the potential for abuse if compared to traditional stimulant medication. At the same time its effectiveness as medication for treating insomnia persists. You can easily buy Armodafinil at any drugstore of the US or order Armodafinil via Internet.