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Jul 08 / 2021

Armodafinil improves cognition

Armodafinil improves cognitive processes in Multiple Sclerosis.

Everybody already knows that Armodafinil is a very versatile drug which has a lot of benefits and positive effects. In a one small study it was showed that the drug is able to improve cognition in MSers. In order to confirm the study results it must be tested on a larger group of people. If they would be positive there is a chance of another big studies and possible registration of new use of Generic Armodafinil. Many patients hope that soon they will get a wonderful help with their MS.

How Armodafinil improves cognition?

Many people with MS, who are taking Armodafinil, observe considerable improvements in cognitive thinking and functioning. The drug is known to be a strong stimulant. It is an enantiopure medicine which consists of the active (-)-(R) – enantiomer of the racemic medication of Modafinil. Such a structure effectively influences on all the cognitive processes.

What the Armodafinil research has shown?

It was a little cross-over study, where 17 people took part. They were randomized and received a dose of lactose placebo 2 hours before they had a neuropsychological testing session. After e week period they were given a single dose of 250 mg of Armodafinil. It was given 2 hours before the second testing. The results showed considerable improvements in delayed memory. Unfortunately, there were no concrete data concerning visual memory, executive function, and self-reported fatigue or processing speed. Such results provide some evidence that when you buy Armodafinil it can not only help with excessive sleepiness but improve delayed verbal recall in those who suffer from MS.

Patients Armodafinil Reports.

Many of those who faced with MS hope that soon technology will do its best in order to find possible way to improve cognitive processes while having such a condition. Many are eager to find out which is better for such a case: Modafinil or Armodafinil? In spite of little researches in such an area, many people agree that the medication is able to enhance cognition in patients who have multiple sclerosis. Those who get an “off-label” prescription of Armodafinil against MS, tell about its awesome results. Currently there are a lot of researches conducted in order to reveal the additional benefits of the drug. Many say that it would be great sit at home and be able to order Armodafinil online.