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Jul 01 / 2021

Before you buy Modapro

Generic Modapro has been successfully tested in humans for the treatment of idiopathic hypersomnia and narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a chronic disorder, characterized by intermittent bouts of sleep, sustained, excessive daytime sleepiness and abnormal manifestations of rapid eye movement (REM) periods of sleep - REM start, cataplexy, insomnia and hypnagogic hallucinations or both of them. The majority of patients, suffering from narcolepsy have a nocturnal sleep. Pathological sleepiness, caused by narcolepsy or other causes, is a potentially dangerous phenomenon leading to disability.

In addition to narcolepsy, causes of pathological sleepiness include chronic loss of sleep. In connection with narcolepsy or other causes of pathological sleepiness is responsible for episodes of unintended sleep, reduced attention and errors in work activities. Therefore, this phenomenon is due to the large number of accidents in transportation and industry.   A therapeutic agent that reduces or eliminates pathological sleepiness would be of great importance not only for individual patients, but also for health and safety. It has been described also other uses of this substance.

The U.S. patent discloses the use of Modapro for providing a neuroprotective effect on people and especially for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

The levorotatory form of this medical preparation may be potentially useful substance for the treatment of depression, hypersensivity and Alzheimer's disease. The European patent application (which was published on June 23, 1993) discloses the use Modapro as an anti-ischemic agent. The European published application (which was published on April 27, 1994) describes the use of this drug for the treatment of urinary incontinence.

It is considered that if you want to order Modapro, it would be better to get acquainted with its history. The first tests on humans, related to the usage of the medicament for treatment of narcolepsy, were held outside of the United States of America. This wonder-working remedy, used in the initial studies, was prepared consignments of non-commercial scale.

In accordance with the opening of the present invention, it was found that early party had a median particle size in the range from 80 to 150 microns. At the initial stages of research on the safety of actions conducted outside the United States, people came early batch of this drug, without the addition of clinically significant adverse events for emergency use. The separate study on the safety and efficacy of the medicament were later conducted in the U.S. under the leadership of the company Cephalon Inc. using the drug’s batches prepared by using method, scaled for industrial production.

When such a late its batch, used on humans in the U.S., initial clinical trials have revealed unexpected side effects when dose level (800 mg/day), which, as defined previously, was considered acceptable in studies conducted outside the United States. The inventors have found that the late party had a median particle size in the range of 30-50 microns. Thus, the initial human trials conducted in the United States, was carried out with use of modafinil having a significantly smaller particle size.

Before you buy Modapro, you should know that its pills, used in foreign studies, were prepared on the basis of the earlier batches of Modafinil. It was suggested that the difference in bioavailability of different batches of its results in differences in the maximum tolerated doses observed in foreign clinical studies and research conducted in the United States. It isn’t as obvious or easy to explain, one of several possible explanations that have been postulated, was a possible difference in the particle size of the drug, which were used in foreign and American studies.