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Aug 02 / 2021

British Army will try Modafinil

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil also known as Provigil is a popular medication used for promoting the state of wakefulness. Scientists believe that it works by changing the natural chemicals that are present inside the human brain. The given medication is used for treating excessive sleepiness which was resulted from sleep apnea, shift work disorder of sleep and cases of narcolepsy disease. This medication can also be recommended for different other purposes which were not mentioned.

As the medication is often used off label by students, managers, businessmen, night lovers and people who often fly to distant time zones, you can easily buy Modafinil for your own purposes at the nearest drugstore in the US, Europe and Australia at a reasonable price. There are also many reliable online pharmacies, where you can order Modafinil in the most convenient way online and it will be delivered to your house front door.

Why is British government interested in Modafinil?

UK Ministry of Defense has purchased a huge amount of psycho stimulant drugs with quite high and proven reputation for providing its troops in Iraq, writes The Guardian. The Ministry of Defense has acquired more than 24,000 capsules of the drug Modafinil (also known under such commercial trade names as Provigil and Alertec), which is licensed in the UK for usage only in cases of neuropsychiatric disorders that are associated with abnormal daytime sleepiness.

Experts assume that the psycho stimulant can be used off-label in order to keep a constant state of wakefulness by pilots of military aircraft and Special Forces. The British started using the drug in 2001 in Afghanistan, while France and the United States of America have been long and actively using such stimulants in their armies. French Foreign Legion has been using these drugs since 1991, while in the US Army their widespread usage is temporarily stopped after the incident in April of 2002.

It happened in Kandahar, when two pilots of F-16 mistakenly bombed a convoy of Canadian military: 4 people were killed and 8 were injured. The following investigation found that both pilots during the accident were under the influence of amphetamine stimulant, which they got before the very start of their task. The British plan to use psycho stimulants in order to support their special forces, which are often involved in operations lasting more than 48 hours, and also pilots during long patrols of the airspace.

How can Modafinil help?

It should be mentioned that the exact mechanism of acting and possible side effects of Generic Modafinil are unknown even to its manufacturer. According to some scientists, the drug may cause increased nervousness, agitation, dizziness and headache. In addition, when using the drug there may be gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, and abdominal pain) and high blood pressure. But such effects were observed in rare cases; in general the drug is absolutely safe for both patients and healthy people.

Military interest in Modafinil is explained by the great desire to find a good and safe alternative to existing stimulants - caffeine and amphetamines. Caffeine has a fairly low efficiency, and amphetamine causes addiction, developing into amphetamine narcotism. British doctors hope that Modafinil would be the drug that will help solve the problem of prolonged wakefulness for soldiers in extreme combat conditions.