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Jul 26 / 2021

Cognitive enhancer Provigil treats depression

Provigil treats depression.

Provigil has a wonderful mechanism of action which elicits a number of neural changes in the organism, which can contribute in various antidepressant effects. This effect hasn’t yet been clinically approved and investigated too much, but different researches prove it to a perfect adjunct. It is believed that Generic Provigil can treat depression via CNS stimulation which reduces fatigue and other different neurotransmission changes.

Cognitive enhancer.

In most cases people who face with depression have a “brain fog”, cognitive impairment and psychomotor slowing.  The impairment may be a result of abnormal wave activity in the brain, insufficient regional activation and neurotransmitters deficiency. Provigil is considered to be an amazing nootropic and cognitive enhancer drug. It can improve mental performance which results in confidence in various social situations, improved productivity at school and work.

CNS stimulation.

Many people who face with depression suffer from the reduction of CNS stimulation, which is under stimulated. This shortage of stimulation is explained by little energy, too much fatigue and depressive mood. Provigil is able to struggle with such a thing by increasing CNS stimulation dramatically. As a result you get energy, quick psychomotor activity and heightened vigilance.

Dopamine reuptake inhibition

It is worth noting that dopamine reuptake which is associated with the drug appear to be low.  Provigil enhances extracellular dopamine concentrations, which is enough to decrease the symptoms of depression. Those who want to increase the level of dopamine slightly buy Provigil and it will certainly help.

Electronic coupling.

It was shown that Provigil is able to enhance electronic coupling between nerve cells and cortical interneurons. Such an increase of electronic coupling is found to result in increases “gamma waves” which can improve intracellular communication. Correspondingly it will result in improved perception, cognition and mood.

Monoamine increases.

The medication affects different neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine and dopamine to a minimal extent. Norepinephrine enhances have been observed in ventrolateral preoptic and hypothalamus regions. Dopamine significantly increases in nucleus and striatum accumbens.

Glutamatergic circuitry.

Glutamate is known to be a neurotransmitter which is involved in memory, learning and different cognitive functions. When you order Provigil, be ready that it will enhance glutamate circuits activity, which was discovered in studies conducted over rodents. Such activation can lead to the restoration of sleep and wakefulness cycles and better mood.

GABA inhibition.

After one research conducted among patients, who suffered from narcolepsy it was found out that Provigil has some influence on cortical excitability. Treatment with drug can enhance wakefulness while decreasing GABA neurotransmission.

When to use Provigil for depressions?

It is quite understandable that not everyone who suffers from depression can receive a treatment with Provigil. The drug is safe but it still has that low potential to abuse, that’s why some doctors and psychiatrists do not prescribe it for their patients. One can get Provigil for treating depression in the following cases:

Atypical depression


Brain fog

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Comorbid Narcolepsy

Treatment-resistant depression

Most of people consider the drug to be very safe with little withdrawal side effects in comparison with other stimulants which were so popular before.