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Aug 12 / 2021

Diagnose Narcolepsy and Use Provigil to Treat It

Narcolepsy is a rare sleep disorder that is hard to diagnose. Sometimes people suffering from it do not know the real reason behind their excessive fatigue and daytime sleepiness for years before they find a competent doctor who is able to recognize the disease. There are many other disorders and illnesses that result in similar symptoms as narcolepsy. Especially if the main symptoms of narcolepsy are not pronounced, it is hard to decide whether the patient needs the use of wakefulness-promoting medicines or not. However, such measures are necessary. For example, in children and teenagers the complaints of drowsiness are often are regarded as laziness or irresponsibility while their sleep-wakefulness cycle can be easily adjusted when knowing the right diagnosis and administering safe medicines. Especially easy it is to treat narcolepsy or other sleep disorders namely today when online pharmacies offer the medicine identical to the widely prescribed by the US medics Provigil twice or even thrice cheaper. The name of the medicine you should look for is Generic Provigil. It is not a registered name but it used for the easy and fast search for the identical to Provigil medicines manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies who are able to set lower prices due to many economic reasons. Generic Provigil cannot be legally bought on the territory of the USA as other brand names than Provigil are not registered or approved in America. When you buy Generic Provigil at an online pharmacy, on the other hand, you buy it virtually abroad, where such medicines sometimes are allowed to be sold without a prescription.

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Signs and symptoms of narcolepsy

Before deciding to buy Generic Provigil online, you must observe your symptoms and consult your doctor. The medicine is believed to be the safest wakefulness-promoting medicine to date, but since similar symptoms to those occurring in narcolepsy may be signaling of other more serious conditions, you need to undergo several tests to exclude the diseases that require different treatment.
You should go to your doctor if:

  • You observe that you are excessively sleepy in the daytime even after sufficient night sleep of eight or more hours a day. You might want to keep a journal where you write how fast you fall asleep, how many hours you sleep – a week would be a good period for a complete picture unless you had other conditions or obstacles that prevented you from a normal sleep.
  • During the day some of your muscles seem to be losing their tone: you feel sudden numbness of your tongue, your legs feel weak when you are feeling sleepy, etc.
  • Coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks or medicines do not help you to stay awake.

You should tell your doctor about all the conditions you have ever had or have, all medicines you take or had taken. Even if your doctor hesitates to ask, you can tell him about all the neurological or mental disorders that run in your family – it may help to see the whole picture from the genetic point of view.

How narcolepsy is diagnosed

As we have already written above, keeping the diary will greatly help your doctor with the diagnosis. If you visit your doctor for the prescription for Generic Provigil without such diary, it is possible that he or she will ask you to do so and then come back with the results. Other tests, according to your family medical history or your other health complaints may include specialized tests to identify or exclude serious conditions such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and others. Specialized tests made when the other tests didn’t detect any other condition include: encephalogram, polysomnogram, the multiple sleep latency test. Polysomnography is performed at the hospital where you need to sleep one night with the sensors attached to your head. The sensors record the biophysiological changes that occur during sleep and help identify the real reason behind your condition. The multiple sleep latency test is also performed while you sleep but is focused on naps. It’s main focus is to identify how fast do you start feeling fatigue or sleepiness through the examination of your brain activity during your naps and recording the time after your after night sleep awakening till the nap and between the naps. Such tests along with usual blood and urine tests are crucial for the correct diagnosis.

Provigil or Generic Provigil can be also prescribed off-label (i.e. not for narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea), but your doctor needs to know the real reasons that cause you so much discomfort and deprive you from living a normal life.

These are safety measures to be sure that, first of all, you don’t have other conditions that necessary require more serious, non-symptomatic treatment, secondly, that you need Generic Provigil to stay healthily awake and the medicine will not harm you.

You should never:

  • Make  a self-diagnosis
  • Start using Provigil or Generic Provigil without a doctor’s consultation and prescription
  • Hide actual information on your health condition and medicines you take from your doctor
  • Start using the medicine because someone without a doctor license recommend you to do so
  • Buy medicine from illegal local sellers
  • Neglect doctor’s recommendations and adjust the dosage by yourself
  • Combine Generic Provigil with the medicines it is contraindicated to use with
  • Continue using Generic Provigil when pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting your doctor
  • Take other medicines, food or drinks that also contribute to the wakefulness and can cause anxiety in combination with the medicine
  • Avoid contacting your doctor in occurrence of side effects
  • Drive vehicles or operate machines before you are sure that the medicine is working for you

A responsible approach to your health is mainly your task. Do not rely on others and you will treat your narcolepsy or other wakefulness disorders as effectively as it is possible today and save your budget. By the way, when used according to the instructions, the medicine has it positive side effects: it helps to concentrate and contributes to the increase of cognitive function.