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Jun 30 / 2021

Difference between Provigil and Generic Provigil

Most doctors in the USA prescribe for the treatment of all diseases and disorders medicines with widely known names. It is natural that they prescribe the medicines that are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), but some of them cooperate with the pharmaceutical companies and receive a commission every time they prescribe a drug that is manufactured by a certain company. Obviously, this commission is indirectly paid by the patients through the high price of the vital medicines. Besides, the medicines already are highly priced because of the expenses on the advertising of a brand name and high taxes imposed by the government. Moreover, patients have to pay for weekly or monthly visits to their doctors to get the prescriptions in case their disorder requires a constant intake of medicines. So is there a way to smart saving on the medicines such as Provigil? Fortunately, there is way – you can buy its cheaper, less advertised analogues online without a prescription.

Is there a difference between Provigil and Generic Provigil?

In fact, there is no difference between the composition of the drug with a widely advertised name Provigil and its cheaper analogues. The difference lies in the costs of the medicines production. Not all countries have such high taxes for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, companies that operate outside the US are able to offer lower prices.

Do you need to pay customs duties for Generic Provigil ordered online?

Different countries have different laws regarding the purchase of the medicines from abroad. There are a lot of people in the USA who prefer buying prescription medicines online to save or to avoid getting prescriptions. Usually, online drugstores take care about the package of the delivered drug and mark them in such a way that there are no problems with customs authorities. However, difficulties may arise if you order too many medicines at once. The best way to find the most competent answer is to get acquainted with the respective law. Another way that may help you with this and also with the list of trusted online pharmacies, is to look for online forums where people discuss their online purchases of prescription medicines including Generic Provigil.


Be ready to check the dosage of the Generic Provigil bought online by yourself as different companies may have different dosages per pill. Never use bigger dosage than recommended by your doctor. Of course, to buy Generic Provigil online you don’t need to go to your doctor for a prescription, though a first checkup, diagnosis and recommendation of a dosage are crucial in order to avoid self-diagnosis and wrong treatment plan. Be ready also to inform your doctor at once if you have any side effects from taking Generic Provigil. Even the medicine sold as Provigil has a list of side effects, so don’t be scared that you bought the wrong drug, but be ready for them and take necessary measures if any negative symptoms occur.

Generic Provigil is no way inferior than Provigil. They differ only in price and brand names.