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Jul 28 / 2021

Don’t suffer from sleepiness – buy Provigil online

There is a wide list of neurological disorders that result in excessive fatigue and even sleepiness during the day time. People who suffer from them cannot lead a normal life and consume enormous amounts of caffeine. Unbearable sleepiness attacks in narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and other disorders occur even if the individual is sleeping more than eight hours a day. However, there is a way how such unendurable discomfort can be reduced.

First of all, you need to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Exclude all heavy meals, including fat meat, sweets. Reduce the intake of coffee or caffeine-containing drinks and food, alcohol and cigarettes. Healthy level of daily exercises can also positively influence the condition of your nervous system and result in the less severe manifestation of neurological disorders symptoms.

Second advice is to use wakefulness-promoting medicines. For example, Provigil. The medicine is approved by the FDA exclusively for the use in narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. However, it has a lot of off-label uses. However, before taking the medicine, you should consult your doctor as it may be prohibited in your condition.

Worth noting that Provigil and similar medicines approved by the FDA are quite expensive. Not everyone can afford buying them on a regular basis, which is recommended in wakefulness disorders. Fortunately, there is a way out – you can buy its cheaper analogs manufactured by other, less advertised pharmaceutical companies not registered in the USA. Such medicines can be bought virtually at any online drug store. You can easily find them simply adding the word “generic” before the advertised brand name. For example, look for Generic Provigil and you will find thousand results offering you to buy the drug identical to Provigil several times cheaper.

However, we would recommend using one of the links from our website. We place links only to the online drugstores that deserve your trust.

Also, before opting for the medicine, you should get acquainted with the mechanism of its work and possible side effects, combination with other medicines, and so on. The best way for the effective excessive sleepiness elimination is to learn all the necessary information by yourself, but consult your doctor anyway. Though you can buy Generic Provigil without prescription online, it would be wise to make sure that the medicine will not harm your health in general, first of all.

What is Provigil and Generic Provigil from a pharmacologic point of view?

Provigil and other Modafinil-based medicines are in a group of central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. It is an amphetamine-like agent, which is believed to have less side effects in a long-term use than amphetamines and caffeine-based medicines used for the treatment of the same health issues.

The active ingredient of the drug has shown its positive effect in mimicking the effects of neurotransmitter substances of the sympathetic nervous system such as adrenaline, catecholamines, noradrenaline, dopamine, and others. Different dosages of the medicine are used for a wide range of conditions. Their use is not restricted exclusively to the treatment of wakefulness disorders.

However, for, for example, cardiac arrest or low blood pressure are used other drugs with similar effect.

The medicine is manufactured in form of pills of different dosage. Mostly prescribed safe dosage for adults is 100 mg of Provigil of Generic Provigil per day. It is recommended to take the pill in the morning to avoid insomnia at night. Acceptable dosage is 200 mg a day. The dosage of Provigil 400 mg a day is considered unpredictable in a long-term treatment. Therefore, if you feel no effect from the dosage of 100 mg, consult your doctor on the dosage increase, but never take more than 200 mg a day. If even this dose seems useless, consider change of the drug for the other with different active substance. Note that all such manipulations should be made only after a consultation with a competent specialist and under his/her supervision.

Possible side effects of Provigil and how to avoid them

All medicines without an exception can cause a list of side effects. Most commonly they occur in the allergy to the active substance, in overdose, combination with incompatible drugs or accumulation of the active substance in the body. In order to avoid allergy, talk to your doctor about all of the allergies that occurred during your lifetime. Probably he/she will identify whether there is a risk of allergy to Modafinil or not. However, still being cautious would not hurt: start using the medicine from the lowest possible dosage. In this case, the side effects, if they occur will be much less pronounced and you would not need to call the ambulance.

The most common side effects from Provigil are:

  • Headache
  • Spine ache
  • Stomach ache
  • Nausea
  • Stuffy nose
  • Troubled breathing
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea

There can be also other adverse effects. Pay special attention to your health while taking the drug in order to be ready to undertake necessary measures immediately. For example, in the pronounced trouble breathing or heart problems, call the ambulance immediately. If you have mild allergy reaction, contact your medic and take an antihistamine (anti-allergy) medicine.

In case you mistakenly took Provigil or Generic Provigil pill twice in a one day, make sure to inform your doctor immediately, Drink plenty of water and try to vomit. Such measures will help you clean your stomach of the medicine and reduce the dose absorbed by your body. Probably, your doctor will advise you to follow your symptoms and in case side effects start to manifest, call the emergency. Next time you take the pill, make a note not to forget about it.

Avoid combining Generic Provigil with some of the medicines

Combination of the medicine with certain other drugs can cause unpredictable harm to your health, starting from excessive increase of blood pressure to the heart attack. Make sure to consult your doctor if you plan to include any other medicine while you are using Provigil in your treatment plan. Some of the most incompatible medicines with Provigil and Generic Provigil are:

  • Strong sedatives
  • Antifungal drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Cyclosporine
  • Omeprazole-based drugs

 In this short review we outlined the main precautions that should be followed using wakefulness promoting medicines. In short, the conclusion is:

  • You can always save on prescription medicines purchasing Generic Provigil and other generics online. These medicines are identical to those marketed at your local drugstores, but are much cheaper.
  • Even though you can buy the drug without prescription does not mean that you can use it without even consulting a medical practitioner. Never make a self diagnosis, it can be fatal.
  • Taking any medicine you should be cautious and attentive. Here you have already found some of the precautionary measures and a list of side effects. However, more comprehensive information can be found in the instruction coming with the medicine.