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Jun 26 / 2021

Effective Narcolepsy Treatment with Provigil

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by the brain’s inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles correctly. It is a disorder that cannot be treated completely, meaning that the person who has been diagnosed with it needs to take the medicines on a permanent basis. People suffering from the disorder are frequent victims of sudden attacks of unbearable sleepiness during the daytime and troubles falling asleep in the nighttime. If you think that you may have a narcolepsy, check if you have the following symptoms:

  • Excessive sleepiness that cannot be beaten by caffeine or energy drinks
  • Daytime sleepiness isn’t gone even if you sleep 8 hours a day
  • Fatigue, loss of muscle tonus and sudden weakness are experienced along with sleepiness
  • When falling asleep or waking up you tend to hallucinate or feel paralyzed for several minutes

When these symptoms are highly pronounced, most likely the cause of them is narcolepsy. However, there are a lot of conditions that along with other disease manifestations have similar symptoms. For example, people without severe cases of depression or Parkinson’s disease are reported to have such wakefulness disorders.

Diagnosing Narcolepsy

Even if you find in yourself all of the listed symptoms, do not hurry up to make a self-diagnosis. Only a doctor can diagnose the disease or disorder correctly. Narcolepsy is diagnosed using physical examination, a patient’s history learning, blood tests, and specially designed tests - polysomnogram (PSG) and the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). The narcolepsy tests include doctor’s supervision of a patient during the day and recording of vital indicators throughout the night.

Treatment of Narcolepsy

The common treatment plan of narcolepsy includes the assignment of antidepressants and wakefulness correction medicines, such as Provigil. Provigil helps to reduce sleepiness throughout the day not harming the night sleep if taken correctly. A good doctor would also recommend the patient to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and heavy meals in the evening. The healthy level of physical exercise, eight hours of night sleep and short naps during the day are also believed to have a positive effect on the patient’s condition.

The Role of Provigil in the Treatment of Narcolepsy

Provigil is a trademark of an active substance called Modafinil. Modafinil is an amphetamine-like agent that increases the release of monoamines from the synaptic terminals resulting in wakefulness promotion. It is also believed that the medicine is much less harmful than amphetamines and can be used to reduce fatigue in patients with HIV or post-chemotherapy patients.

Where to buy Provigil

Provigil is a prescription drug in the majority of the European Union countries and the USA. However, there are a number of countries that sell Provigil without prescriptions. The medicine is quite expensive, especially taking into account that every time you need to buy it, you have to pay your doctor for a visit to get a prescription. However, you can buy Provigil online without prescription, but be ready to see a different name on a package. Usually, online pharmacies’ headquarters are placed outside the US or EU, in the countries where Provigil is sold without a prescription and where its name is registered by other companies. Such medicines are called in general Generic Provigil. They are absolutely identical to the medicine manufactured by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., but their price is much lower as they are not so massively advertised.

Before Buying Provigil Online

First of all, make sure that you need to use Provigil. Never make a self-diagnosis. If your doctor has prescribed you Provigil for a particular time period, adhere to it and avoid using the medicine any longer without prior medical consultation. When buying the medicine online, always check the dosage per pill. If you need Provigil 100 mg, do not buy Generic Provigil 200 mg or 400 mg, and look further for the dosage you need. Note that buying medicines online without a prescription is legal as long as you buy them for the personal use only. If you want to help your friends to buy Generic Provigil, recommend them the pharmacies you’ve already tried, but do not buy the drugs for them.

Buying Generic Provigil online responsibly, you can significantly save your money even if you have to pay for the delivery. However, not to harm your health, you should always contact your doctor first, then check the reliability of an online pharmacy you plan to use, and of course, never overdose.