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Jul 26 / 2021

Effective off-label usages of Provigil

Provigil restores Wakefulness.

Provigil is known to be a eugeroics medication that was approved in 1998 for narcolepsy treatment. Later it began to be used for treating SWSD and OSA. All of these uses are approved by FDA. There is no FDA approval for using Generic Provigil in order to treat depression, even though the drug is often used for such purposes. It is also known to be a good antidepressant. The medicine can improve the levels of energy, eliminate fatigue and struggle with slow psychomotor activity. Really a big range of benefits, which are not all known to the general population.

How it acts?

It is not known how the medication works, though there are still many investigations around the drug. It is very interesting for many scientists who are eager to reveal additional benefits of Provigil. It is considered that the medicine can influence on dopamine reuptake inhibition (DRI). It can also enhance histamine in the hypothalamus and promote the stimulation of orexin receptors.

The medication is also able to increase glutaminergic circuits activity at the same time inhibiting GABAergic activity. It even can increase electronic coupling. In addition, Provigil can enhance serotonin and norepinephrine levels in particular brain centers. Its affects on neural alterations can lead to noticeable reduction of depression symptoms in some individuals.

Effective Off-label Usages.

When you order Provigil, do not think that it treats only excessive sleep. The medication is good at alleviating fatigue symptoms which are sometimes associated with depression. It will help to get rid of excessive weakness and that brain fog, which is so common for those people who face with a depression. The medication began to be available on the market in 1998. There started many researches which began investigating its potential uses as an antidepressant augmentation strategy in 2000. In combination with SSRI it showed to be very effective as an adjunct. Almost in each study, the medication proves to be effective for many aims. Provigil is often prescribed in such cases of depression:

Bipolar depression

Seasonal affective disorder

Atypical depression

Major depressive disorder

The research of 2000 was analyzing 7 cases of people who faced with depression. 4 of them had a major depressive disorder (MDD) and 3 got a diagnosis of bipolar depression. In all the cases none of them had a good response onto traditional antidepressant treatment. Later they were given Generic Provigil as an adjunct for their major therapy. All of them got partial or even full remission in depressive symptoms in the period of 2 weeks.

Those side effects were considered to be minimal and didn’t result in discontinuation of any of the people. It was noticed that Provigil can have more benefits compared to psycho stimulants as an adjunct, because of its lower abuse. They also suggest it to be very beneficial for those who suffer from residual tiredness and fatigue. Of course, the study was conducted with a small number of patients, and its results can’t be regarded on the big amount of people. In any case it is good to buy Provigil and have it always at hand.