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Jun 22 / 2021

Generic Modafinil - fighter with sleep

Generic Modafinil is a new psycho stimulant, "fighter" with sleep and fatigue, which increases mental abilities.

It is recommended when life situation requires from you the highest concentration and attention for more than a normal active day. The drug keeps you in a state of high energy during the day and even more, it helps to control everything and to feel tremendous confidence from the fact that you can control the situation, while the others fall down from exhaustion.

Off-label usage of Generic Modafinil.

Recently Modafinil 200mg has been often used as an effective means for reducing weight and appetite. Different researches have shown that when the patients use this medication, the level of their appetite decreases by at least 38%, which leads to a rapid loss of weight. Nowadays, scientists consider the usage of the drug in the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis, cocaine addiction and bipolar disorder.

The military authorities of a few countries are going to substitute the traditional amphetamine in the medicine cabinet of the soldiers of the special forces by Modafinil due to its more effective and profitable effect on the human body. It has also been successfully applied by astronauts, military and emergency service staff in a couple of European countries.

Powerful stimulant helps plenty of people.

The medication helps plenty of people in situations when they do need to be in their best shape for using their full potential. It is a powerful stimulant which improves sharpness of the intellect, memory and other options of mental activity. It efficiently relieves fatigue of the body and restores cognitive function of the brain. Generic Modafinil is one of the best means for treatment of depression, stimulating mental activity and reducing the need for sleep.

Very important aspect is the absence of many side effects, such as addiction and reducing the sense of responsibility. As medication, it occurs in the form of tablets and powder. When taking it, it should be taken into account that the tablets may also contain some adjuvants while in the powder it is produced in pure form, which correspondingly affects the dosage of the drug.

Typically, the dose of the drug prescribed by specialists is 200 mg once a day (or from 100 to 400 mg a day in one or two receptions). Modafinil is usually used in one dose in the morning or two doses (including the afternoon). As a rule, doctors do not recommend taking it in the afternoon because it relates to drugs with a long half-life and its withdrawal from the body can take up to 15 hours. So the reception of the given medication in the afternoon carries the risk of sleep disorders.