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Aug 20 / 2021

Generic Modalert Vs Caffeine

How does it act?

Modafinil is an active component of Modalert. It is a narcoleptic drug which struggles with sleep, weakness and fatigue. Everyone knows that caffeine is also a very popular substance which is used for reducing sleepiness. But when to compare it with Generic Modalert, it becomes clear that two of them has a lot of distinctions. First of all, Modalert is a nootropic substance. Nootropics are drugs which can significantly improve physical and mental ability of a person when affecting on some particular areas in the brain. In comparison with the medication, caffeine is a nervous system stimulant. There are also many differences while indicating these two substances.

Modalert is usually used in the following cases:



Sleep Apnea


Caffeine is used in the following cases:

Oppression of the central nervous system

Insufficiency of cardiovascular system

Narcotic drug poisoning

One should know that taking Modalert will promote wakefulness for 8 hours, which is found to be the duration of 1 dosage of such a medication.

Which is better?

If you drink a cup of coffee, it will effect only for 2 or 3 hours. In comparison with Modalert it is quite a short period of time. If 2 hours are not enough, you should take the second dose, which is not very good, because it can negatively influence on your organism. You should remember that 300 ml is the highest allowed dosage of caffeine per day. When you order Modalert, know that it is safer than caffeine. It has slighter side effects and will not provoke any jitters. It will not affect your cardiovascular system.

If you still want to sleep after a cup of coffee, be sure that you will have no sleepiness after 1 dose of Modalert. In comparison with caffeine, the medication stimulates physical activity slower and to little extent. So if you want to stimulate mental and physical ability it is better to buy Modalert than coffee. It is quite sad that many people got used to drinking coffee, even knowing about its bad side effects. Modalert is the better choice in such a way. It will not lead to the same side effects as caffeine, it is healthier and safer. That’s why it is better to have 1 pill of this medication than 5 cups of coffee in order to finish some work at night.