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Aug 05 / 2021

Generic Modapro treats different diseases

What is Modapro?

UK Ministry of Defense has given significant resources to the researches of the drugs and food additives that enhance endurance and fighting qualities of the soldiers, and Modapro is considered as one of the most promising medications. It is a famous psycho stimulant which fights narcolepsy and different sleep disorders, including Parkinson’s disease. This new drug has nothing in common with the famous excitatory drugs - amphetamines. Its creation is due to the recent discovery of previously unknown neurotransmitters - orexins, a lack of which, as it was shown by some studies, leads to sleepiness.

Compensating for this deficiency, it normalizes sleep by patients with narcolepsy and by normal people the medication eliminates the need for regular sleep for a long time so that you can feel great no matter for how long you have not been asleep. The drug is also often used off-label by students, businessmen and people who need to fly to distant time zones (jet lags). So you can easily buy Modapro without a prescription of your doctor at the nearest drugstore around the US, Australia and countries of Europe. There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modapro online and it will be delivered to your house.

Primary biliary cirrhosis.

It has been found out that the drug helps with unreasonable daytime sleepiness and cases of fatigue that were caused by cirrhosis. After 2 months of treatment there was noticed an expressed reduction in symptoms of fatigue. Generic Modapro has also been tested in the application of off-label for patients with symptoms of depression of cognitive abilities after going through chemotherapy. In a research conducted at the University of Rochester, 68 patients got quite significant results.

"From previous researches it was found out that the drug mitigates the deterioration of concentration and various memory disorders, and we did hope that it could also help people suffering from breast cancer who experience depression of cognitive abilities after going through chemotherapy, which did happen," – informed  Dr. Sadhana Coley, the head of the conducted research, Professor of Cancer Center of James P. Wilmot from the University of Rochester.

Multiple sclerosis.

Modapro has not been approved, but has been used in order to reduce the symptoms of neurological fatigue by multiple sclerosis. Patients followed the standard dose or took a dosage of 200-400 mg at the start of the day, which they assumed would be tedious. In 2000, the company Cephalon conducted a study in order to evaluate the possibility of the usage of the drug as a potential agent for the treatment of fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis.   A group of 72 people with various degrees of severity of the disease took 2 different doses of the medication and placebo for 9 weeks. The level of fatigue was assessed by patients on a standardized scale.

Participants who took a lower dose of the drug felt less tired and had installed a statistically significant difference between the levels of fatigue by those who took the lower dose of the drug compared to those who took a placebo. A large dose of Modapro showed no significantly greater effect.  Nowadays Modapro is sold in 20 different countries worldwide. Among them: the United States, South Korea, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Ireland and Italy. It is on the list of medicines of the US №IV. Preparations in this list have fewer adverse effects than, for example, the drugs from lists №III and II. For example, among list №IV there are such as Xanax, in list №III - Codeine, list №II - morphine and methadone.