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Jul 07 / 2021

Generic Provigil – Cheaper Alternative to Provigil

More and more people daily discover the benefits of online medicines shopping. Especially this practice is popular in the western countries, where the prescription medicines are insanely overpriced. If you doubt whether they are overpriced or not, be sure, they are. For example, at least 50% of the Provigil price is made up of high taxes, advertising expenses, including contracts with the medics, who receive a solid commission every time they prescribe the expensive drug. If high taxes cannot be considered the guilt of pharmaceutical companies, additional measures to make their product popular do not worth such money that not all people, who are in a real need of a medicine, can afford to spend. There are many other reasons that make the vital medicines so expensive in the developed countries, such as production costs, high salaries of workers, money spend on lobbying, obligatory visits to doctors to get prescriptions not always covered by the health insurance, and so on. However, if you have been diagnosed with narcolepsy or any other disorder that requires the intake of Modafinil-containing medicines to promote wakefulness during the working hours, you have an alternative to the expensive Provigil.

What is this medicine called Generic Provigil?

Generics are the medicines identical to those prescription medicines marketed in your country. They are simply manufactured by the other pharmaceutical companies who are able to set lower prices for their products. They do not use inferior ingredients. They save on production costs, research as they use already discovered formula, and lack of advertising. Different brand names also should not scare you: other companies cannot use the registered trademark Provigil. Generic Provigil is a name that unifies all analogues of the drug. It is made up by the online pharmacies to help patients find the analogs of Provigil. Therefore, if you order Generic Provigil, but see another name on the package – do not panic. If you are still suspicious and afraid to take the drug, compare its ingredients to the ingredients of Provigil pills.

Where to buy authentic Generic Provigil?

Even though most online pharmacies sell Generic Provigil, not all of them are trustworthy. Some manage to sell placebo or even dangerous drugs. We recommend to use only the pharmacies with good online ratings (you can check google page rank), and positive customers reviews both on the website of the pharmacy and on other sources.

Another recommendation is to ask your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t insist that you need exclusively Provigil and you can use its cheaper analogs, you can ask him or her, what online drugstores are recommended. Probably, they already has their favorites among generics too.

One more tip is to look for the online forums where people talk about online medicines purchasing. There is no doubt that there are such forums for your region. Just use google and you will find all the answers regarding the reputations of online drugstores, customs regulations, limits of Generic Provigil online order per individual to avoid any troubles with officials, etc. The problems may occur if you order too many packages or pills at once. Therefore, avoid bulk buying. Especially be careful ordering Generic Provigil for your family members or friends as you may be charged with illegal distribution of prescription medicines. If you chose buying the medicines online, the best way to help your fellow patients or friends is to recommend them the online pharmacy you used instead of ordering the medicines for them using your name.

Being cautious pays off

Besides the tips for checking the reliability of the online pharmacy, we also recommend to be cautious and compare the ingredients of the medicine you are prescribed and that one you plan to buy. Double check of the dosage per pill would not hurt either.

Additional measures include compliance with the prescribed or recommended dosage. If you feel that the medicine does not provide sufficient effect, consult your doctor about the daily dosage increase, but never take more Generic Provigil on your own will.

If you plan to use the medicine for the first time, attentively read the list of its contraindications, side effects, and of course, pay attention to any unusual symptoms after the first and following intakes. Make sure to get acquainted with the list of first aid tips in case of overdose or occurrence of side effects. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor or even call the ambulance if you feel any heart work disturbances, trouble breathing, dizziness, and other manifestations of the side effects that can endanger your life.

Be conscious buying Generic Provigil pills at the online stores and you will receive an efficient narcolepsy treatment for a cheaper price.