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Jul 07 / 2021

Generic Provigil Pills for Narcolepsy Treatment

Modern life is supposed to offer a freedom of choice. However, most people diagnosed with narcolepsy are still brainwashed by their doctors that they have to take Provigil instead of similar medicines for a lower price. Some people sincerely believe that other medicines are inferior as they cost cheaper, some believe that the insanely high prices for prescription medicines are a part of a conspiracy. We are not going to argue with any of them, but will provide you with the facts that will help you make your own choice and conclusion. After all, it is in your interest to treat narcolepsy effectively and save money on the treatment, which is, by the way, quite costly. Such medicines as Provigil that promote wakefulness in working hours, need to be taken daily for the rest of your life. You have probably calculated how much money you will need to spend on them. Of course, if you have sufficient income, it is not a problem to spend every month over a thousand of dollars to buy Provigil and other medicines and vitamins. However, there are people who live on less than two thousand a month. For them, a cheaper price of medicine is vital. Moreover, narcolepsy is quite an inconvenient neurological disorder that causes trouble working full-time, so the people diagnosed with it usually need to opt for less paid, part-time jobs.

Is Generic Provigil really as effective as Provigil?

The drug is identical to the medicine sold at your local drugstores. Its main differences that concern you are its lower price and different brand name. These differences, however, have deeper roots. For example why the medicine is sold under a different name, is it a fake Provigil? No. Provigil is a Modafinil-based medicine which is marketed under the different brand names in different countries. The company who first started to manufacture it registered the name Provigil, so other pharmaceutical companies are unable to use it. However, they are able to use the same formula and produce so-called Generic Provigil in the countries where to operate a pharmaceutical company is much cheaper. Therefore, they save on a brand name promotion, research, and operational costs, which is why they can sell their medicine that is no way inferior cheaper. Moreover, not all countries oblige the pharmacies to sell Provigil or other identical drugs only with a prescription. Thus, you can save also on the visits to your doctor in order to get a prescription. Isn’t it a good deal?

Where to buy Generic Provigil?

There is the one reliable way – buy Generic Provigil at an online pharmacy. Of course, on the black market in your country you can find probably identical medicines, but the risk is too high: you can buy a fake medicine, which can be dangerous, you may be sold a placebo, or even be charged with illicit possession of drugs. Online pharmacies, on the contrary, value their reputation and sell only trusted medicines, know the legal regulations and always care about the safety of their customers in regard to the safety and effectiveness of the medicines they sell and compliance with the customs regulations.
In order to be sure that the online pharmacy you plan to use can be trusted, you can check the customers’ reviews, get in touch with the customers support to find out more information, or look for the reviews on the specialized forums or other websites about online medicines purchase.

Precautionary measures

The use of any medicine is paired with the possible side effects occurrence. So first of all, be careful using the medicine for the first time: read the list of possible adverse effects, observe any symptoms of side effects after the Generic Provigil pills intake, and never use a dose higher than recommended for your disorder. If you notice any negative changes in your condition after the use of medicine, seek immediate medical assistance and stop using the drug. If you think that the problem may be namely because you took Generic, tell about it your doctor. However, most likely you are simply allergic to Modafinil.

There should be taken also precautionary measures related to the ordering Generic Provigil and getting your medicine at your door:

  • Before placing an order, find out the limit for such medicines purchase per individual in your country to avoid legal action against you.
  • Never buy medicines to your friends or relatives on your name, or you can be charged with the illegal selling of the prescription medicines.
  • Be ready to see in a receipt the description of the package “nutritional supplements. It is usually made to relieve the patients from the necessity to pay additional customs duties. Therefore, it would be wise to open your parcel only at home.

Be careful and conscious buying the medicines online. Follow our tips and you will buy Generic Provigil pills at the lowest possible price and save your family budget without compromising your health.