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Jun 30 / 2021

Generic Provigil Use in Narcolepsy

Every year more and more people start opting for generic medicines that can be bought online without a prescription. This is not a neglect of one’s health as it may seem to people who have never bought prescription medicines online, but a reasonable solution offering significant saving on the vital medicines. For instance, people who are diagnosed with narcolepsy have to take wakefulness-promoting medicines on a daily basis their entire lives. Have you ever calculated how much would it cost if every time you need a new package of Provigil for a month you have to visit your doctor for a prescription, pay for each visit, and then go and buy medicine for 800 dollars multiplied by 10 years, for example? The amount you have to spend is insane. So why should you spend all of your money on this if you can buy absolutely identical medicines twice or thrice cheaper and without a prescription?

Definition of Generic Provigil

Generic Provigil is an analogue of the well-known drug called Provigil. In fact, Generic Provigil is not an official brand name, but rather a general name for identical medicines based on Modafinil. It can have absolutely different names depending on the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug. However, all of the companies that produce the medicine use the same ingredients and formula.

Why is Generic Provigil  so cheap?

For the people who are used to the fact that all prescription medicines are extremely expensive, it may seem suspicious that Generic Provigil is so cheap compared to Provigil sold at their local pharmacies. However, it has a reasonable explanation that will dispel your doubts about the medicine quality.
First of all, the companies that manufacture Generic Provigil are situated outside the USA or the European Union. Usually, they operate in the countries with lower taxes and overall operational costs. Secondly, they sell the medicine, but not a brand name. Therefore, the lack of the advertising expenses also plays a significant role. Thirdly, online drug stores also have smaller operational costs than the pharmacies operating on the territory of the United States or Europe. Thus, they are able to run their business adding much less than regular drug stores to the initial cost of the medicine.

If you are still unsure about Generic Provigil online Purchase

If you still have doubts about the quality of medicines bought online, you can check the online forums that discuss this topic. Usually, people who make such purchases are willing to share their experience and tips on safe Generic Provigil online purchase. You can also check the ingredients list of the original Provigil and Generic Provigil. If the pharmacy you are going to use does not provide this information, you can contact the customers’ support managers and ask for the photo of a package or label of the medicine.


Generic Provigil is identical to Provigil, but it twice or even thrice cheaper, so why pay more? Find out the most reliable pharmacies that sell it.