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May 11 / 2021

How Modafinil helped me

Other people share their experience of administering Modafinil that helped them with their health issues efficiently.

My personal experience with Modafinil is something that I always wanted to share with the world as I believe that a number of people who are in the same situation as myself can benefit from this medication which has changed my life. My story begins two years ago when I started having problems with sleeping.

Actually, it was my wife who noticed that I stop breathing a lot during the night and I thought that it was just temporary and that there is nothing serious about it. However, as my condition continued, I started waking up during sleep and before I knew it, I was having serious troubles getting healthy and normal sleep. I went to see the doctor and she told me that I was suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. That is a condition in which the airways get obstructed as the muscle tone is compromised due to different reasons. It can sometimes cause daytime sleepiness and in me it did.

It all started with being tired much more than I ever was. I would go to work and I would feel the urge to sleep within the first two hours. Over time, it got even worse. I couldn't concentrate on the daily tasks and I started slipping up work-wise. I also started getting irritated much easier than before, it was like every little thing could upset me and have me clawing at the walls. It was horrible.

I talked to my doctor about this and even though my sleep apnea treatment has begun, she told me that I could try and buy Modafinil to help me with my daytime sleepiness. I've hear stuff about pills that keep you awake and I was not sure. She then told me that it is a much safer alternative and that Modafinil has helped a lot of her patients. I gave it a try.

The next morning, I took my first Modafinil and I couldn't believe how well it worked. It was like I was my old self again. I did not feel sleepy at all and I could do my job as well as I did before I had sleep apnea. I can tell you that I even started performing better at work thanks to Modafinil.