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Jul 03 / 2021

Increase your intellectual capacity with Nuvigil

Nuvigil passes the test.

British scientists tested a drug that increases the intellectual capacity of people and allows them to go without sleep for longer without having an attention disorder. The researchers from the University of Cambridge reported, that when patients took the drug Nuvigil, they better remembered the information and solved their tasks. This drug was originally proposed for the treatment of neurological disorders of narcolepsy, by which the patients could suddenly fall asleep at any time, often when doing some important task. But only recently it has been found that the medication improves the brain activity and lets people remain in the waking state for longer without the extreme need for sleep.

According to Daniel Turner from Department of Psychiatry of University of Cambridge, the usage of the medication may revolutionize the understanding of the mechanism of occurrence and preservation of memories. Apparently, this drug has a very special point of impact on the ongoing processes in the human brain. «The study volunteers who took the drug showed better results when doing the neuropsychological tests associated with short-term memory. They showed less severe impulsive reactions and also an increase in the trend towards thinking about the tasks presented» - she said. The tests in this study were presented in a form of special computer games.

The authors of the research believe that the usage of Generic Nuvigil will open new horizons in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, by which there is the marked memory impairment, and also the disorders of problem solving and planning. In addition, the researchers will be able to get answers to the many mysteries of the human brain work.

The drug can be bought and taken without the prescription of your doctor. You can buy Nuvigil at any drugstore of the US or order Nuvigil online. In everyday life, the medication is needed when life situation requires from you the highest concentration and attention for longer period than a normal active day. It keeps you in a state of high energy during the day and more, and also helps to control everything and to feel tremendous confidence from the fact that you can control the situation, when the others fall down from the exhaustion.

Nuvigil suppresses the desire to fall asleep, increases the physical endurance, improves the qualities of memory and sharpness of your intellect and other parameters of the mental activity. The drug can be taken to maintain the clear thinking during prolonged absence of sleep. The uniqueness of the medicine is in its ability to act only if it is needed, and also in the lack of side effects (anxiety, insomnia, and hangover).