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Aug 02 / 2021

Israel company finishes studying of Modafinil

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a popular psycho stimulant which has been created for the purposes of narcoleptic patients who suffer from sudden attacks of deep sleep in the daytime. It can serve as treatment for different sleep disorders including insomnia but it is also widely used off label by students, businessmen, managers, and lovers of a night life style. It is also very useful by flights to distant time zones (jet lags). You can easily buy Modafinil at any drugstore of the USA, Australia and countries of Europe or order Modafinil at reliable online pharmacies at a good price.

Israel scientists have completed trials of Modafinil which helps stay awake despite the long-term lack of sleep.

Pharmaceutical company Teva was founded in 1901 in Israel. Currently, it is among the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of generic medicines, patented drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company has more than 50 plants in Israel, North America, Western Europe and Latin America. In the market are realized more than 100 items of manufactured drugs.

Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has recently announced the launch of an authorized generic drug for the treatment of sleep disorders Modafinil (also famous under the names of Provigil, Alertec or Modalert). The original drug is sold by American biotech company Cephalon (Cephalon, Inc.), which is a division of Teva. As it was noted in Teva, the drug will be manufactured at the same plant that produces it at the moment. Deliveries of Generic Modafinil have already begun. According to IMS Health, the annual sales of the original drug in the United States are approximately 1.1 billion dollars.

What are the effects?

According to T. Scammell who is engaged into the study of sleep in the medical center of Beth Deaconess in Israel, this drug was originally developed for patients suffering from narcolepsy - that is, suddenly attacking deep sleep. Tests so far have not identified in usage of the drug any harmful side effects. However, its application has strict limitations: patients can sleep with the help of the drug no more than 72 hours, after which at least for three days taking the drug is prohibited.

After the last drug reception for at least 12 hours it is forbidden to use any alcoholic beverages, including beer. On sale Modafinil is scheduled to appear not earlier than in the middle of next year. Estimated price of one package, providing three days of insomnia, will be about $ 50.

Teva will pay 512 million dollars for the delay in bringing to market the analogues of Modafinil.

Israeli Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd agreed to pay 512 million USD for the settlement of a class action against the company Cephalon Inc, which it acquired in 2011, according to Reuters. The lawsuit alleges that Cephalon has concluded an agreement with Teva, Mylan and Ranbaxy, designed to delay the output to market unique preparation for the treatment of insomnia Modafinil.

It is the largest amount that any pharmaceutical company has ever paid to retailers and wholesalers on charges of delay to market of generics. In 2008, the American company Abbott Laboratories and its French partner Fournier Industrie et Santé paid $ 250 million for the delay in bringing to market the drug analog of hypocholesterolemic TriCor. According to Teva representative Denis Bradley, the company is pleased with the agreement reached.