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Jun 24 / 2021

Modafinil highly recommended in the US

Modafinil is the central stimulant (psycho stimulant), which is approved and highly recommended in the United States.

This drug is used as the treatment of patients with narcolepsy (well-known disease, which is characterized by uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep or sudden excessive sleepiness) and sleep disorders. It was tested as an agent in treating Alzheimer's disease and cases of depression.

Modafinil refers to a group of drugs (stimulators) that promote attention and mental alertness.

One of the mechanisms of action of this drug is agonism alpha 1-adrenoceptor, so it has impact on the mood of a person, increasing the energy by increasing the dopamine release in the nervous system. This also may lead to changes in the levels of GABA and glutamate. Researches of modafinil have shown that as a stimulant, the drug has many advantages over the traditional amphetamine.

It is explained very simply: the medication is supposed to have a quite lower potential for abuse because the impact does not make so wanted euphoria. The drug has minimal impact on peripheral CNS stimulation (exhibits less side effects), it has a minimal impact on the blood pressure and does not cause disruption of sleep (without hangover or need to "make up" sleep), and, the clinical trials prove, that it has more reliable profile of safety.

Generic Modafinil is even used by the US military as an energy stimulant for soldiers and pilots when it is required to work without having rest for quite long time.

This is not very strange, because military soldiers and pilots used to take widely used Dexedrine (known as Amphetamine) during long time when they felt they need some sleep. Soldiers, who use Modafinil, are confident that this drug helps them to maintain perfect cognitive function for more than 40 hours without falling asleep, and the medication has fewer side effects than mentioned above Dexedrine.

The medication has been tested in several combat situations, and possibly in the future it can receive official recognition as a special preparation recommended for the war. Recently, modafinil has become known among athletes. They take it not only for the "courage", but as a stimulant, which helps to increase performance and endurance. The usage in such a way can be a surprise for the developers of the drug, because the drug increases alertness but does not have strong stimulatory effects, and cannot improve athletic performance.