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Aug 06 / 2021

Modafinil is a well tolerated drug

Modafinil for children.

Generic Modafinil is not allowed for treating children. Still there were many studies conducted in order to find the drug effect on little patients. One of the researches was conducted on pediatric patients with ADHD. It was a double-blind, randomized and placebo controlled study. The medication was normally tolerated and even improved a number of ADHD symptoms and behaviors, in spite of different history of patient’s diseases. In one study where 220 children participated, all suffered from ADHD, the patients received a double blind and placebo-controlled 4 week treatment which was estimated for further 8 weeks.

It was noticed that Modafinil significantly improved the symptoms of ADHD and even positively influenced on the overall condition of the body. Among the most frequent side effects were noticed headache, insomnia and reduced appetite. In another study of adults who also suffered from ADHD it was revealed that the medication was able to bring a number of positive effects for the whole organism. It was proved to be better than a placebo. The medication is considered to be a great option for the treatment of ADHD. Of course, it is necessary to conduct additional comparative investigations with other stimulants. There is a chance that the medication can increase the risks of getting Stevens-Johnson syndrome when is given to little children and some adolescents.

Modafinil for schizophrenia.

Currently Modafinil is often prescribed for it wonderful off-label properties. One of them tells that the medication is good for treating schizophrenia. Many buy Modafinil and try it for such a case. In one randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study with the medication it was revealed that it can significantly improve cognitive functioning and decrease a number of negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia. Another study with 20 patients who suffered from chronic schizophrenia showed some short-term improvements in verbal memory span and shifting of attention set.

The patients got a dose of 200 mg a day. Those who got significant benefits were suggested to order Modafinil and use it for a longer period of time. Two other studies revealed no significant distinctions between Modafinil groups and those who received only a placebo. Many investigations show that the drug is very good for improving cognitive symptoms connected with schizophrenia, but still these data are scarce a bit and must be investigated more. FDA has not yet approved this off-label usage of the medication.

But still, in spite of all this many people really use it for struggling with all above mentioned symptoms. Many physicians find it normal to prescribe such a drug for patients who faced with schizophrenia. A lot of scientists are interested to rule out concrete mechanism of drug action on such a medical condition.