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Jul 22 / 2021

Modafinil treatment

What should I know about Modafinil?

One can find Modafinil in tablets of 100mg, each of them containing 100 mg of Modafinil. Each pill also contains 113.500 mg of lactose monohydrate. The medication is white or off-white, capsules are shaped, the tablets are uncoated, debossed with a number “41” on one side and “J” on the second one. Generic Modafinil is prescribed for people in order to treat excessive sleep which is associated with such a disorder as narcolepsy, SWSD and OSA.

Posology and administration method.

Modafinil treatment must be started by the supervision and constant monitoring of your physician. He knows appropriate doses for your condition and will estimate the best way of treatment. Narcolepsy diagnosis must be made in accordance with International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD2) guideline. One should receive periodic monitoring for his condition. It is recommended to start with a dose of 200mg. If it doesn’t bring you any benefits you can increase it with time, of course, after having discussed it with your doctor.  Take a dose whole in the morning to be alert and brisk during whole the day. Such doses of 400mg do not show to bring too much additional benefits.

Long-term use.

Many physicians prescribe the medication for a long-term use. It is suggested for such doctors to evaluate periodically a condition of patients, because with time they will have no necessity to receive such a treatment. Those who use the drug for a long time may not experience any benefits after a long period of its using. It is good to make breaks with Modafinil.

Use in specific populations.

There is no much data concerning what doses of drug should be given to elderly people. Because of low clearance and enhanced systemic exposure it is recommended to prescribe 100 mg of the drug for people who are 65 and more years old. It is not allowed to use the medication for children younger than 18 years.


It is possible to face with hypersensitivity to one of the active substances present in the drug. Those people who have problems with cardiovascular system are likely to face with moderate or even severe hypertension.


Modafinil must be prescribed for people who received a complete examination of their symptoms. The diagnosis of narcolepsy must meet ICSD criteria. This evaluation includes patient’s history, different sleep measurement tests and some laboratory tests. If you notice any strange rash, treatment with Modafinil must be stopped and restarted in the case when the doctor approves it again.

There were reported some rare severe side effects, but generally the medication is safe and will not be dangerous for you if taken in a right way. Sometimes people experience anxiety from Modafinil. Anxiety is associated with headaches which appear to be the most often side effect of the medication. To avoid all this it is recommended to drink much water while being on a drug. Consumption o liquid will positively influence on your overall condition and will reduce side effects of the medication.