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Jul 22 / 2021

Modafinil treats SWSD, narcolepsy, OSA

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is considered to be a prescription medicine which is often used to enhance alertness and energy levels in people who face with different sleeping disorders. It is often prescribed for people who do not receive enough sleep during night and day. Many also use the medication in order to increase the abilities to learn different things, study and enhance productivity at a working place. It is a prescription medication for those people who faced with SWSD, narcolepsy and OSA. It is possible to buy Provigil online without any prescriptions. Modafinil can be sold under various brand names, such as Modapro, Provigil, Modalert and many others.

Modafinil history.

The medication was first formulated by a French professor. In 1986 it was used as an experimental drug for narcolepsy treatment. It is a medical condition when people fall asleep without any warning during a day. Nowadays it is used for the different variety of problems. It is prescribed for those who suffer from OSA and SWSD. British and American soldiers use Modafinil in order to be awake for many hours. For those who lack some sleep Generic Modafinil will help to increase cognitive performance. Since 2006 different generic forms of the medication are available on the market.

How to use Modafinil?

It is recommended to take the medication orally with or without food. You can have it before or after eating. Drink it with a glass of water. Take the dose exactly at the time which was suggested by the doctor and do not skip it. Your dose will be personal and based on your individual case and severity of symptoms. It is better to start from the minimum dose and then you can increase it if there are no benefits from the first one.

The medication makes its best when taken in a cycle, because this sporadic use will enhance its effectiveness. If you buy modafinil and are going to use it for short-term aim, take it 3 times a week not more. After that it would be great to have a week break from the drug. There is a possibility of becoming dependent on it if to use it for a long period of time.

How does the medication work?

It is already known that Modafinil provokes stimulation on peripheral sympathetic system. But its role concerning central nervous system is not fully understood till this moment. There is a belief that the medication somehow influences on anterior hypothalamus. It also has some connection to dopamine levels. More precisely, it increases its levels in the brain. When you feel yourself alert and brisk, this may be explained by the neurotransmitter anandamide.

It is considered to play a big role in sleep patterns of a human. The medication is also able to bring into the excitement glutamatergic system. It reduces the amount of GABA and histamine activity. In some way it affects orexins which are known to be brain peptides. When they are activated, the levels of dopamine rise together with levels of histamine. One can find 2 orexin receptors in the human body. When they have some defects it tells about some problems with sleeping patterns. To avoid all this it is recommended to order Provigil and take some treatment with it.