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Aug 13 / 2021

Modalert - drug in all its regards

Modalert is… Viagra for your brain.

There are many different means that can remove sleepiness: coffee, a variety of energetic drinks, a cold shower in the morning and a variety of most other methods. There are various drugs used to suppress sleep, one of which is Generic Modalert. It is a stimulant of the new generation, with the help of which you can regulate the process of sleep without harm to the body. The drug is allowed to receive without a doctor’s prescription, since this drug is not much of side effects. Also, it is widely used to combat obesity, the treatment of cocaine addiction, and multiple sclerosis.

Currently the medication is rather expensive drug and not everyone can afford it.   It is a medicine, which has a certain action on the higher integrative functions of the human brain. It greatly makes memory better, fastens the learning process, and is a stimulant of intellectual activity. During various researches and sales of this product it has not shown any side effects, except in rare cases, there were observed mild nausea and headache. At present time, the given drug is considered even safer and more effective than usual caffeine and other drugs which belong to the class of amphetamines.

Drug addiction is not caused by application of the medication, so psychological addiction to it is too unlikely. Compared to many other various psycho stimulants of mobilizing type, Modalert (also famous under such commercial trade names as Alertec, Provigil, and Modafinil) does not cause any agitation, exhaustion of functional abilities of the human organism, getting used and addiction. It is often used in bodybuilding with the aim to suppress appetite and burn extra fat while at the same time also improving efficiency and performance of training.

Why Modalert is so effective?

Modalert is a recommended prescription drug for narcoleptic patients; it enhances concentration and eliminates daytime sleepiness. The drug also enhances the perception and memory abilities. It is a dietary supplement which takes pride to belong to the class of nootropics. This is a substance, using which, you can stop suffering from unreasonable sleepiness during the whole day and it can be real help in the treatment of narcoleptic patients. There is quite possible to make the perception better by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain, so it is used with the aim to make mental abilities of a person better.

Instruction for application.

The standard dosage of Modalert is about 100-200mg at one reception or 4 mg per kilogram of weight. It should be received in case of purposeful suppression of sleep processes or after sleep, in the morning, in order to save the waking state without real harm to your sleep at night.  In clinical usage, for the treatment of inordinate daytime sleepiness connected or caused by narcolepsy, the dosage of the drug recommended by doctors usually is about 200 or 400 mg a day. The dose may be taken one time in the morning or can be divided in two times a day (morning and afternoon).

If you take the drug in order to increase your physical stamina, typical efficient dosage is about 100-400 mg. The medication is often received in two hours before starting any sporting events. Please, remember that any side effects of the drug may be different according to the dosage you take. Quite often it is highly advised to start taking the medicine at the smallest effective dose and make it bigger in 50-100 mg per reception before the achievement of the optimal for you level when you feel okay.   Reception of the drug is just huge and by all means includes any sports, mostly focusing on aerobic exercises or stamina. It is also perfect for sportsmen who do exercises for strength or speed, such as the shot put and long jump.

Modalert is not quite popular among bodybuilders, because it does not directly influence the increasing or decreasing of muscles of body fat. But some people, however, are confident that the drug is efficient and quite powerful stimulant for a workout, especially during intervals of tiredness or loss of physical activity after hard work or due to various other reasons. The medication is widely used and sold without doctor’s prescription.

You can buy Modalert off label at the nearest drugstore (if you live in US, Australia or Europe) or order Modalert online at reliable online pharmacies (which is even more convenient). In any case, no matter what your purposes might be, before starting the usage of the drug, it is better to consult your doctor regarding time, dosage and any possible allergic reactions or actions of other medications.