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Jul 14 / 2021

Modalert for narcolepsy treatment

Modalert as an effective means for narcolepsy treatment.

In the modern way of life psycho stimulants are needed by all people: workers, students and lovers of leading nightlife. Without the help of the drugs to keep a high style of life is rather impossible. This fact was evidenced by the researches of Australian scientists, when during the conducted experiments it was found that seventeen hours of constant driving or using of alcohol greatly reduces human intellect, reaction and even the capacity for sound judgment. Twenty four hours without good sleep reduce all mental abilities of the person twice.

Modalert is insomnia promoting agent (also known as eugeroic), which is approved by the US authorities for using by the treatment of insomnia disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep shift work and excessive sleepiness at daytime (related with sudden cessation of breathing while sleeping). The drug allows you to stay in a waking state for much longer. And it is not surprisingly, that the US military like it a lot.    Sustained operations require the full readiness and complete mobilization of the soldiers. More than that, in military practice it is an ordinary routine, to sleep just a couple of hours a day for several weeks.

Over the years, American scientists have been looking for a way to keep spirits of the soldiers high, while looking how to avoid the side effects: for example, the fall of intellect after the action of the medication. The drug, which has the ability to improve mental abilities of one soldier twice, enhances the efficiency of the whole platoon in many times. Generic Modalert allows conducting effective military operations as long as it is required.

A bit of the history.

In 1998, the drug was approved by the FDA for wide usage by treating of narcolepsy disease cases and sleep disorders, and in 2003 - in order to prevent sudden sleep apnea, even though caffeine and amphetamine showed to have much more promotion for insomnia on the Stanford Sleepiness test than Modalert. Approbation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by children was rejected in 2006 due to primarily two cases of skin rash, one of them was quite serious, which there was suspected to be Stevens-Johnson syndrome.   Cephalon owns the trademark for Modafinil, but now prevents its usage by children no matter for what purpose. In different countries, it is also recommended for cases of idiopathic hypersomnia.

The usual dosage which is prescribed for such disorders consists of 200 mg once a day (sometimes, 100 - 400 mg a day, one or two doses). The drug has also been mentioned in many articles with increasing of concentration.   For other purposes (not shift work sleep disorder) the drug is usually used as one dose in the morning or as two doses in the afternoon too. Usually, it is not highly recommended to use it in the afternoon: it is a drug with a quite long half-life action of 15 hours, and using it during the second part of the day has the risk of sleep disorders.

Due to the risk for the development of skin reactions or allergies and neuropsychiatric disturbances, the European Medicines Agency recommended that the new regulations of the patients should only consider sleepiness caused by narcolepsy. As any serious side effects usually occur within the first twelve weeks, the management does not require that the patients, already undergoing the treatment, stop taking the drug. Nevertheless, the drug is very easy to buy without doctor’s prescription because it is often used off-label. You can buy Modalert at any drug of the US, Australia or Europe or order Modalert online using the services of reliable online pharmacies.