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Jul 21 / 2021

Modalert improves self-control of alcoholics

Nootropics develope mental abilities.

The mental abilities of the person can develop (which is great!). In order to strengthen them, you can use different methods - for example, to read, to do exercises for memory or to solve logical problems. There are even ways, when and you do not need to do anything. One of these simple, albeit controversial, options is to turn to substances, known as psycho stimulants or nootropics, also famous under the title of «smart drugs».

The given medicine was born in the late seventies in the laboratories of the French company Lafon Group as a treatment for chronic sleepiness. After ten years of experimental usage it went on sale: in 1994 - in France and in 1998 - in the US. When testing it as a new drug, scientists noted the absence of side effects of the traditional stimulants at that time - amphetamines, Ritalin and ephedrine. Due to the special mechanism of its action it does not cause the «recoil effect» as amphetamine, and does not enter into a nervous state as Ritalin, keeping the main effect - an increase of waking time, stress, relieving fatigue and improving the cognitive abilities.

Modalert against drowsiness.

The medication is marketed as a remedy against drowsiness, and in this area has almost no equivalent competitors – the users often describe the effect of the drug as «I never sleep, I never eat». The effects of productivity increasing and cognitive improving entailed a lot of research, and the Swedish transhumanist and researcher Anders Sandberg in his speech at the TransVision conference described Modalert as «medication which approached us today, perhaps the most, to creation of the intelligence intensifier».

Among the negative effects of the medication can be noted frequent headaches, dry mouth, and the inherent effect of many nootropics - excessive irritability, so-called «effect of the inner snob». Until recently, the only manufacturer of the drug has been the Cephalon company (the current owner of Lafon Group), and therefore the price was relatively high, but in the last 3-4 years, the Indian pharmacologists started the production of Generic Modalert, which was chemically almost indistinguishable from the original. This step significantly reduced the retail price, and now the drug can be purchased for $ 1-2 per gram.

Off-label use of the drug.

As the medication is often used off-label (by students, athletes, lovers of night life, people who fly to distant time zones; and it is also taken for many other purposes), you can easily buy Modalert at any drugstore of the US, Europe or Australia. There are also many reliable online pharmacies which can provide you with this drug, so you can order Modalert via Internet and it will be delivered right to your front door, which is very convenient. 

And recently the drug has been used as a treatment which improves self-control by people who often use alcohol, in other words – drunkards. University of Amsterdam knows how to cope with poor self-control, says Science World Report. These problems lead to overeating, alcoholism and drug addiction. But now there is some hope in the face of the drug Modalert (also known as Modafinil), which is already approved for the treatment of narcolepsy.

It is known that the given medication does not only treat sleep disorders, but also positively affects cognitive abilities of the human brain. It has been clearly seen by patients with schizophrenia and hyperactivity syndrome. In order to investigate the drug and its effect on people with alcoholism which was caused by the inability to control the impulses, the experts conducted an experiment. They gathered two groups – control and alcohol ones.   People had to carry out the task (the so-called verification of stoplight). And while that the brain activity was monitored. It turned out that the medication improved self-control in the group of alcoholics (there was a braking response of the signal). But the reaction got worse, although originally it was normal. It also confirmed a brain scan.