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Jul 03 / 2021

Modapro for astronauts and military

Except being very popular among the general population, Generic Modapro is often used in the circles of military and astronauts.

The militaries of a number of countries already expressed interest toward the medication, as a great alternative for different amphetamines, which are usually taken in combat situations, where troops face with a big lack of sleep. The government of France affirmed the medication to be used in Foreign Legion for particular cover operations. The Ministry of Defense in United Kingdom spent almost £300,000 on one of the investigations concerning the effects of Modafinil and its generic forms. In 2011 Indian Air Force included the drug into their contingency plans.

In US, Modapro was approved in Air Force for some missions. Its other uses are currently being investigated. In 2012 the Air Force approved Modafinil as the only “go pill” in order to fight against fatigue. In one study about helicopter pilots it was found out that the amount of the medication equal to 600mg, divided into 3 doses was enough to keep men brisk, alert and attentive during further 40 hours. There were noticed significant nausea and vertigo during the experiment. The second study about pilots stated that the remedy was quite good, and in comparison with dextroamphetamine was much better.

The study about fighter pilots stated that 100 mg of Modapro, divided into 3 doses kept the wariness of those who were deprived of sleep. In the research of military grounds operations, which were simulated and which lasted almost 88 hours, 400mg of the medication per day helped a lot to maintain alertness, in comparison with a simple placebo. In the end it was told that the dose wasn’t big enough to compensate those symptoms which men experienced from complete sleep loss. Tactical paramedics in law enforcement in Maryland (US) can prescribe 200mg of Modapro in order to increase alertness, concentration and focus.

Except militaries many astronauts buy Modapro.

According to the Canadian medical Association Journal, the medication is used by astronauts in long missions aboard the International Space Station. The crew can take it to fight with a fatigue and help them to bear shifts in circadian rhythms. Sometimes it is called space medicine. Astronauts usually take it when they don’t see sleep as a great option.

The Good Drug Guide mentions the medication as "a memory-improving and mood-brightening psychostimulant" that "enhances wakefulness, attention capacity and vigilance." The medication was approved among astronauts for its big ability to fight against fatigue and weakness. Usually they use Modapro when feel great lack of sleep, on spacewalk and in different risky situations. Before Modafinil and its generic forms became so popular among astronauts circles, Dexedrine was used in order to get rid of all above mentioned symptoms. Nowadays Modapro has almost replaced Dexedrine.

According to the pilots reports, those who were on Dexedrine didn’t like its time of reaction and reasoning, many became to feel worse with time, where the missions were too long. Everybody has heard a lot that many space workers are pill-popping. One should understand that space is really very huge and one can get sick, scary and boring. That’s why it is very important for such people to take substances which would sustain their heath, help them to be more energetic, alert and attentive during their space missions.

According to the report of 2007 in the Associated Press, astronauts always have several medicines at hand for any case. Stimulants are very good in such a case when the workers want to sleep much. The Discovery News article informed that many astronauts order Modafinil before going to space.