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Aug 03 / 2021

Modapro treats cocaine addiction

What is actually Modapro?

It is not a drug or a psycho stimulant; it is a nootrop with an expressed effect of wakefulness. That is, its effect is to disable the symptoms of «I want to sleep». It is used legally as well as Piracetam or Glycine. The medication is not addictive and, apparently, not resistant. The minimum dosage of the drug used for a good effect is 0.2 grams. After half an hour of reception it seems like drowsiness never happened.

At the same time there is no excitement, getting high and other things that are characteristic for psycho stimulants. And this is very important as Modapro does not urge on the exciting part of the nervous system, but simply does not let braking patterns interfere with active wakefulness. It saves much energy and attention, rather than spending them in struggle to stay awake longer than your body allows you. This important point explains why after a night spent after the reception and under the influence of Generic Modapro, on the next day there is not any weakness, as though the night was spent drinking coffee, for example.

At higher doses of 0.3 - 0.5 grams there appears also brightly expressed nootropic effect. There is a feeling of crystal clarity of perception, more than in a normal state. The process of thinking is not so intense but very productive, the causal chains are better to track, the main things stand out, secondary things drop out. Criticality of thinking does not change; the mind is entirely subservient to the logic.

You get the feeling that you exist in everyday life half asleep, compared with this condition. On physical strength, coordination and reaction the drug indirectly affects positively, even after it expires (there are about 6 - 8 hours). You can buy Modapro at any drugstore of the US, Australia and countries of Europe even without a prescription of your doctor. There are also many reliable online pharmacies, where it is very convenient to order Modapro online with delivery.

Treatment of cocaine addicts.

The given medication is studied as a possible effective treatment for cocaine addiction, for several reasons of biochemical mechanism with the participation of the drug and placebo, as well as the surveillance that the clinical effect of Modapro in many ways is the opposite to the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. Number of positive samples of cocaine in urine was significantly lower in the group receiving Modapro, compared with the placebo group.

Dan Umanoff, from the National Association for the Promotion and Protection of addicts fully criticized the authors of the research for the negative results of the discussion and summary of the article.   Later in the double-blind study of the drug by people needing treatment for cocaine addiction there was noticed significant improvement of some parameters such as the maximum number of consecutive days of non-use of cocaine, but there was found no statistically significant effect on the rate of change in the percentage of days of non-use of cocaine.

Bipolar affective disorder   According to the manufacturer (Cephalon Company) there are conducted clinical trials of Modapro as an adjunct by the treatment of the depressive phase by bipolar disorder. In a preliminary study of this concept it was found that the usage of the drug leads to alleviation of depression by this disease according to separate (but not all) criteria. At the same time it is well known that by patients suffering from this disorder, the medication may provoke manic phase of the disease.