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Aug 05 / 2021

Modavigil efficiently treats sleep disorders

What is Modavigil?

A famous psycho stimulant Modavigil is called a drug of the new generation. The given product was derived from a substance called Adrafinil and was created in 1970 by the French company Lafon Laboratoriez. The medication has a significant effect on the higher integrative functions of the human brain, so it improves functions of our memory, cognitive functions, and the learning process. The drug also stimulates the intellectual activity. During different researches and sales of the product it showed no meaningful side effects, except for rare cases of mild nausea and headache.

Nowadays, Generic Modavigil is recognized as much safer and even more effective stimulant than caffeine and amphetamines. The drug belongs to a class of nootropics known as stimulants having a direct activating effect on learning process. Such substances improve memory and mental performance, and enhance the stability of the human brain to aggressive influences. It causes no drug addiction or euphoria from its reception, so that psychological addiction is absent or is too unlikely.

Compared to many other stimulants of mobilizing type, Modavigil does not cause agitation, exhaustion of functional capabilities of the organism and habituation. It is often used in bodybuilding sphere in order to suppress the appetite and burn fat improving the efficiency and performance of training.   But despite the histaminergic action of the drug, it relates to the stimulants of amphetamine class because of its effects on the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. US Federal Control Service of the Quality of medicines and food classified this drug as the most effective means to combat narcolepsy.

However, the drug is often used off-label for many different purposes.   It is quite popular by students preparing for exams, lovers of leading a nightlife style, different managers and businessmen and also it is often taken by people flying to distant time zones (jet lags). So according to your own purposes, you may easily buy Modavigil at the nearest drugstore around the USA, Australia and countries of Europe. There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modavigil online in a most convenient way.

Does Modavigil substitute caffeine?

By modern American population the medication becomes a replacement for coffee. And that is quite natural, because 20 years ago it was the caffeine which was used in order to mobilize the US Army. Caffeine quickly gained popularity and eventually came into use, and the dosage grew and grew. 20 years ago, the average American resident took 70 mg of caffeine per day, but today it is considered as norm to take 300mg and feel great about it. By the way, the global turnover of coffee is estimated at more than $ 70 billion a year.

Caffeine is also found in tea, cola, energetic drinks, and even chocolate. In the 1970s the average American drank more than 36 gallons of coffee and 23 gallons of soda with caffeine per year. Today, coffee consumption is reduced to 17 gallons a year, but soda has gained momentum - more than 53 gallons. However, caffeine quickly causes addiction and those positive results that were observed at the beginning of its reception, gradually come to naught, and people need to have a cup of coffee in order to bounce back. Modavigil has no effects similar to these ones, and it is suitable for usage for a long time, with minimal influence to health.