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May 11 / 2021

Modavigil - getting back your alertness

Alertness is a basis of our everyday productive activity. It is necessary for us to stay focused and to be successful in anything from climbing up career ladder to driving car or using public transport. This article explains how one can stay alert using Modavigil drug.

Regaining alertness

Modavigil is a drug that allows people to regain control over their own lives by bringing back their alertness back to them. There might be several reasons why people may have troubles with alertness and concentration. The primary among them is narcolepsy, others may include work-shift sleep deprivation, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), obtrusive sleep apnea.

Primary usage

Modavigil is primarily an anti-narcoleptic drug which removes negative symptoms of this condition of central nervous system and allows to be productive and concentrate on everyday activities. These symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), sudden and uncontrollable bouts of sleep as well as cataplexy.

Cataplexy is especially dangerous part of narcolepsy, since this symptom manifests itself in sudden muscle relaxation that can range from feeling of weakness to complete loss of control over body resulting in falling down with possible injuries.

All the symptoms, including cataplexy can be removed from your life by usage of Modavigil. As you will see later on Modavigil can be used in many more cases.

Other usage variants

Modavigil is a really universal drug that can be used for more than treating narcolepsy. It is widely used by military during campaigns. Students form another group of users of this drug, using it to prepare for final exams and stay alert during the testing periods after days of missing necessary amounts of sleep.

Some of those suffering from ADHD, obtrusive sleep apnea or even depression successfully use Modavigil to get back their alertness.


One of the drivers behind Modavigil`s popularity is its safety. Only small portion of users encounter side effects from the usage of Modavigil. The drug itself is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Though Modavigil is a safe drug, you need to consult your doctor before using it, since as with any powerful medication you need to understand and keep with right dose and avoid its interaction with other drugs.