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Jul 15 / 2021

Modavigil treats OSA

Modavigil treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Modavigil is often prescribed for those who suffer from such a disorder as sleep apnea. There were conducted many studies with the medication. All of them proved the effectiveness of the drug on patients who faced with OSAHS. Those who participated in the experiment met all the criteria of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD). In order to take part in this particular study, patients had to have excessive sleepiness with the score more than 10, which is listed in the requirements of Epworth Sleepiness Scale.

What is OSAHS?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a very serious sleep disorder which is described by continuous episodes of total or partial collapse of the upper airway while sleeping. The sleep disruption results in excessive sleep during daytime. It is estimated that almost 2%-4% of adults in the middle age are affected with such a disorder. OSAHS is closely related to cardiovascular and respiratory systems. That is why patients who faced with it can get the risk of other additional problems. For those who have a sever stage of the disorder, it is recommended to order Modavigil and have it always at hand. Modavigil is one of the best drugs which will help you to eliminate excessive daytime sleep and return you to normal life.

Study results.

The study proved effectiveness of Generic Modavigil for patients who suffer from OSAHS. The doses from 200mg to 400mg were safe for the organism. The medication was noticed to bring effects, even without using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Good improvements were noticed for each dose of Modavigil. Except this, patients reported about better quality of life after the treatment with the drug. They had fewer problems with depression, anxiety and weakness. The medication brought them strength and a desire to do many things.

How Modavigil works?

When you buy Modavigil, know that it is a real smart drug. It is not yet fully understandable how it works. It certainly affects chemicals in the brain, which makes you naturally awake and alert. Those who faced with sleep apnea, the medication can not only help to deal with sleep disorders, but it can improve memory and reduce tiredness. It is often suggested to use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure together with the medication in order to receive a desirable effect. One shouldn’t stop CPAP therapy while being treated with Generic Modavigil.