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Aug 07 / 2021

Modavigil: use one tablet and feel free from sleep

Modavigil: general information.

Modavigil is a psycho stimulant, the active substance which helps people effectively combat fatigue, sleepiness and different sleep disorders (such as narcolepsy). The drug has beneficial effects on brain activity, thereby greatly increasing the mental capacity. It is able to maintain high concentration, attention and energy during the day and even more.

This drug is taken in situations when you have to stay in the best shape and excellent tone to achieve your goals. It can enhance your stamina and reduce tiredness of the body, so it is often used by athletes. Generic Modavigil is a potent stimulator for optimizing functions of memory, intellect and other variants of mental activity of the brain. It quickly relieves tiredness and restores cognitive functions of the brain. Application: if you have been prescribed taking Modavigil or decided to use it on your own, there will be enough 100 mg of the drug every 6-8 hours. It can keep you awake and ensure high availability during this time.

Take half a tablet of the drug after 6-8 hours of activity again if it is really necessary. This medication can be taken for various purposes so it is available in the drugstores of the USA, Australia and countries of Europe. So if you need the drug in order to prepare for your exams, do great at work or flight to distant time zones (jet lags), you can buy Modavigil at the nearest drugstore. However, there are many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modavigil online, which is even more convenient.

Areas of application.

Except for narcolepsy, the drug is also effectively used by attention deficit, in the treatment of resistant depression and as an adjunct in the treatment by antidepressants. Due to the ability to significantly increase stamina and effects similar to the effects of amphetamine, it is quite popular among sportsmen. The increased number of athletes were implicated in the usage of Modavigil during  international competitions, and World Anti-Doping Agency has included it to the list of banned drugs in sports as a doping agent.

Therefore the drug quickly gains popularity in the environment of programmers, drivers, amateur sportsmen and mostly shift workers who need to stay awake during the shift. In recent years it has often been used as a highly efficient means for reducing appetite and also for weight loss. Researches have shown that when using Modavigil the general level of appetite of the subjects decreased by at least 38%, which led to a rapid weight loss. Nowadays, researchers are considering the usage of the drug as the help in treatment of bipolar disorder, cocaine addiction and primary biliary cirrhosis.

There are also facts of improper use of the drug by the students from the UK and France that has led to violent disputes about the safety of the drug and its legal status. However, except for the US where Modavigil is a prohibited substance for athletes and is included to the list of drugs number 4 one, for the world it is not a drug and is absolutely legal. Military services of some countries are planning to substitute the traditional amphetamine in the medicine cabinet of the special forces soldiers with the given drug. Modavigil has been successfully used by astronauts, military and staff of extremely service in a great number of European countries.