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Jun 23 / 2021

New generation with Modafinil

Modafinil is one of a long series of drugs that have numerous fans among healthy people.

This medicine is usually prescribed to hyperactive children with impaired ability to concentrate. However, both students and businessmen are addicted to it. "Indeed," Eric Heiligenstein confirms, the chief psychiatrist of Health service of the University of Wisconsin. - Although it almost impossible to determine the amount of this substance, used by students. It is obvious that the number of regular consumers is not very small, because this medicament is available, relatively cheap and does not cause much harm to health".

The impact of Modafilin and its similar drugs on healthy individuals have been studied just a little.

But, at least, one study has shown that prolonged taking of one of the "psychostimulants" actually improves mental performance. In July 2002, Jerome A. Yesavage of Stanford University and Peter J. Whitehouse from Western Reserve University of Case told in their article about the impact of this drug on pilots’ skills. Two groups of pilots were trained to perform a number of tasks in a flight simulator. Then within 30 days, probationers from one group obtained  a placebo and the other ones took this addition agent  (less than the usual therapeutic dose). Then the pilots of both groups were tested again in the cockpit of the simulator.

The pilots had to perform complex air maneuvers and to respond to recurring emergencies. A month later the pilots, who were received Generic Modafinil, coped with test tasks significantly better than probationers in the control group (especially in cases when the job was due to a "landing" or unexpected malfunctions of control systems). According to Yesavage if people, who are full-fledged in the intellectual sense, will be able to improve their mental skills by using chemical drugs, it can cause serious legal, administrative and ethical issues.

And if this prophecy comes true in respect of Modafinil and other drugs, it will affect the "smart pills" of a new generation - because they are created not through chance discoveries, but as the result of powerful and targeted attacks of human’s memory by scientists.

However, most research workers have the same opinions that Modafinil helps to get rid of fatigue and renew the cognitive function of human’s brain.