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Jun 29 / 2021

New psychostimulant - Generic Modavigil

Psychostimulant of a new generation - Modavigil.

The psychostimulant Generic Modavigil, as studies have shown, enhances the level of concentration and focus from operating surgeons, but this doesn’t improve their abilities to perform the operation.

According to the results of our experiment, we have faith that the drug could avail exhausted doctors, making sensing of information more effective thought processes more pliable, facilitating making decisions in shortage of time, under stress," write Dr. Colin Sugden and his counterparts from Imperial College London.

The debate about whether you can trust a complex operation, requiring skills and fast reply, to tired doctors, lasted several years. And although it is impossible to determine how shortage of sleep impacts the results of operations, however, the shortage of sleep worsens as indicators of mental activity, and skill, especially among less experienced surgeons. According to experts, every year in the U.S. because medical mistakes thousands of people are killed and most of these fatal outcomes are associated with the operations.

In the present study, the efficiency of this substance on surgeons, on the background of lack of sleep, was investigated. The investigation involved 39 doctors. During a sleepless watch half of them took Modavigil, the rest of them were received a placebo. In the morning at 6 o'clock all participants underwent psychological tests and also performed an operation on the virtual simulator.

The vast majority of tests taking this medication had no meaningful consequence, but the betterment of mental abilities was recorded: the number of mistakes in tests of short-term memory in examinees, taking drug decreased from 2.7 to 1.6.   Time, spent by doctors for solving a test problem in an intricated motion of the balls, decreased and gave them a final shape. Investigators provide an explanation for the observable phenomenon of the impact of the drug on the prefrontal cortex, which is liable, including, for short-term memory and goal-oriented behaviour. They also noticed that patients can order Modavigil on their own.

At the same time, the drug had no significant result on effectiveness of virtual surgery. "We expect the ability of psychostimulants to help tired doctors take patients successfully, surely, is attractive, but here, as in sport, the risk of taking medications can surpass his favour. Before the published results will be considered clinically significant, it will require numerous of additional studies," said Doctor James Lubowitz from New Mexico, not participating in the study.

There are no severe side effects, but individuals, who take this drug regularly and buy Modavigil, often complain of headaches, faintness or nausea and sometimes have allergic reactions. In the U.S. this drug is sanctioned only for the cure of disturbances of sleep.   In several countries, including the USA, for security purposes for patients, the policy on the restriction of night work hours is held for resident doctors. However, when a doctor finishes his training, he remains to himself and is free to select his own schedule of his own workload.   "Doctors should monitor their health and well-being of co-workers for signs of extreme weariness, says Dr. Lubowitz. - The best and time-tested method of fighting with fatigue is a good night's sleep".