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Aug 03 / 2021

Nuvigil as a popular psycho stimulator

Nuvigil as a popular psycho stimulator: influence and efficiency.

Nuvigil is a popular psycho stimulant which is often used as the main and most effective means in the treatment of different sleep disorders (among them – narcolepsy, and shift work disorder) and also as the help for staying awake longer than your body lets you when it is extremely needed (especially when working shifts, passing exams and in many other different situations).

It has been proven to be completely safe because it has just a few side effects, such as a headache. The medication is also not recommended for taking by children. Currently the drug is included to list IV of controlled substances, along with Valium and Xanax. For example, its usage for non-medical purposes is limited by significant legal sanctions for the possession and importation of the drug.

The memory and thinking processes.

By healthy people, when they receive 100-200 mg of the drug in 2 hours prior to testing (arithmetic test) there improved memory properties, rate of reaction and visual-spatial scheduling. Short-term memory and preciseness of information processing improved after the reception of 200 mg of the drug. In addition to the above mentioned information, there are significant improvements in the performance of tasks in general - increased motivation and pleasure with the work which was done.

By methamphetamine-dependent patients with cognitive impairment the dosage of 400 mg of Nuvigil, parted in 3 days, is able to improve the properties of short-term memory, which previously was not actually possible. However, a single dosage of 200 mg of the drug cannot cause such effects. The researchers, who condemn the drug, sometimes report on appetite disorder as a side effect of 16% (164 people). Some scientists believe this fact cause weight loss in a week, but statistically it is not true.


Generic Nuvigil is not able to activate the neural pathways, what usually happens by addiction, which is why it is considered that the drug has a relatively low threshold of addiction compared to other similar drugs. It is unlikely that the medication will be used as a drug in the environment of addicts. It can help ease the breaking by methamphetamine addicts, alcoholics and gamers, but the effect varies. Nuvigil also reduces impulsivity of addicted people, but the effect is activated only with subjects whose threshold impulsivity before experiments was already at a low level.

The impact of the drug on people with different diseases.

The one-time reception of Nuvigil (250 mg) by patients with multiple sclerosis caused improvement of mnemonic play; this result was compared to the placebo effect, but the medication did not have any effect on the fatigue, the ability of focus and speed of processing the information. Tests revealed the such adverse effects of the drug as headache, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and abdominal pain. Apart from the above mentioned information, the given medication is considered as a well-tolerated drug. Usual side effects of this drug include decreased appetite and insomnia.


The medication is currently is sold in more than 24 countries. However, it is not quite popular on the black market. It is available on medical prescription but due to the fact that it is often used off label (by students, businessmen, managers, nightlife lovers and people who often fly to distant time zones, you can buy it without doctor’s prescription. You can easily buy Nuvigil at any drugstore of the US, Australia and Europe or order Nuvigil online at reliable online pharmacies, which is even more convenient.