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Jul 01 / 2021

Nuvigil dopamine boost

Except its direct usage for treating different sleep disorders which were caused by narcolepsy, sleep apnea or work shift, Nuvigil has a lot of additional “off-label” usages.

Those who tried it tell that the medication gave them a lot of dopamine boost which lasted all day long without bringing different withdrawal side-effects. Dopamine is considered to be a neurotransmitter, which plays a big role in creating motivation, mood and pleasure. Dopamine works when you experience satisfaction from such activities, as sex, using drugs, watching porn or having much of physical exercise. Besides this, dopamine is very important in cognitive function and motor control.

When you increase dopamine levels you are improving simultaneously attention and memory. It makes understandable why the majority of students take dopaminergic nootropics to pass the exams better. There are a lot of ways to increase the levels of dopamine, but the most popular is by using drugs, of course. Nuvigil is one of the best solutions, which appears to be very effective with little side effects.

Generic Nuvigil is considered to be a very strong stimulant but it won’t make you freak out with depression and anxiety as many amphetamines do. It is a very smooth medication. Except this positive effect people experienced some more: enhanced confidence, bigger motivation, high feeling of alertness and wakefulness, being more sociable than before, especially it was noticed in people who were reserved by nature. People also tell that it helps them to be wittier and sharper, the energy increases and they no longer have problems with brain fog. Some patients say that during first few days experienced some decreased appetite, but this side effect is also noticed while taking other medicines.

Many agree that Nuvigil is the best drug in order to increase dopamine levels and its result appear to be outstanding. Besides this, the medication is cheap, so you will not have problems to buy Nuvigil. Usually a monthly refill with the daily dose of 150 mg will cost you approximately 50$. Also you may have a discount card which you can get from the doctor who prescribed you the medicine. Some take the dose of 75mg a day and it’s enough for them. In such a case a bottle will cost only 25$.

It is interesting how Nuvigil increases your confidence.

People who take it and experience such an effect adore the medicine. According to their words it becomes less difficult to perform various tasks at their work. Moreover, those who suffer from social anxiety and are afraid to start a conversation with a stranger have no problems with that already. It makes you feel more focused, concentrated and productive. Many people who take a little dose of 50 mg or 75 mg still tell about energy boost, wonderful mood, and high ability to concentrate and do a lot of things in a short period of time, not distracting to other things.

There is evidence that Nuvigil is good in fighting against side effects which were brought with Hysterectomy. One understands that it is a severe condition which requires a lot of strength and patient to concur it. After hysterectomy one can face with memory loss, problems with concentration, fatigue, difficulties with getting off the sofa or couch.

Some patients who experienced all this decided to order Nuvigil and had 50mg of it each day. After two weeks of constant and regular treating with medication there was observed great improvements. Patients again became active and full of energy, tiredness was forgotten. There was only a slight side effect - the loss of appetite for some time, but as was already mentioned, it is a common withdrawal symptom of many other drugs.