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Aug 21 / 2021

Nuvigil: effective usage during sleep disorders

Nuvigil is…an irreplaceable part of modern life.

Nowadays no one can imagine modern life without using the help of psycho stimulants. People need them for improving their mental and physical abilities and in order to be full of energy for much longer periods of time so that they could perform more tasks even during the night. All this requires from us the modern pace of life. And if we want to keep up with it, we should use the help of so-called smart drugs, nootropics. To such type of drugs belongs Nuvigil.

Generic Nuvigil is known for us under many other commercial trade names, such as Modafinil, Modalert, Alertec, Modavigil and others (it usually depends on a country where the drug is sold). It was created in the late 70s by Cephalon Company and with time has gained fame of new and popular psycho stimulant in the sphere of pharmaceutics. At present time the medication is the main help in the treatment of different sleep disorders. Although it is as well open for off-label usage.

Talking about off-label cases of usage of the given substance, it is worth noticing that the drug does no harm for healthy people. On the contrary, it increases their mental and physical strength and makes them work much better and longer than they usually do. For example, the drug may be used by students preparing for their exams at the last night and who need the highest level of concentration. Nuvigil provides them with this quality.

Except for students, the drug is also received by managers, businessmen, programmers and people who work shifts. It is also recommended for passengers flying to distant time zones. There are even registered cases of usage the drug by athletes on competitions, though it is strictly forbidden. So if you are a resident of the US, Australia or European countries, you may buy Nuvigil at the nearest drugstore or order Nuvigil online without prescription of your doctor.

Short Term Effects.

As in case with any other similar drug, there are some of short term side effects that people should know about when taking the given drug. They are insignificant and rare, but in case they are observed, you need to consult your doctor because you might be allergic to some of its components. Some of the more commonly known side effects are dry mouth, slight headaches, nausea, a little dizziness and anxiety. Sometimes you may have some difficulties when falling asleep which means, if any of these side effects occur, it is quite important for you to contact your doctor right away.

It is important to be mentioned, however, that many of the mentioned side effects are usually mild and only last for quite short periods of time. In some cases, they may be more severe. Some of them include fever, persistent soar throat or signs of infection. Some other rare side effects may include mood changes, unusual tiredness and dark urine. Therefore, it is quite important for people who want to start using the drug to know what short-term effects can be, so that they are not unpleasantly surprised if they do appear.

Nuvigil as a doping agent.

Nuvigil has become especially known after several athletes were noticed using the given drug as a doping agent that enhanced their performance qualities. It is not still clear how widespread such cases are because there are no researches pertaining to this kind of usage. So it is still unknown what impact the drug has on an athlete's performance.

However, some evidence indicates that the medication does indeed enhance physical performance, likely due to its amphetamine-mimicking properties. Nuvigil was added to the World Anti-Doping Agency "Prohibited List" in 2004 as a prohibited psycho stimulant.