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Jul 03 / 2021

Nuvigil suppresses desire to sleep

Positive impact of Nuvigil.

Nuvigil is the popular drug which suppresses the desire to sleep, increases physical endurance, and improves memory and sharpness of the intellect and other options of mental activity of the human brain. The medicine can be also used to maintain clear thinking during prolonged lack of sleep. The uniqueness of the drug lies in its ability to act only in case it is necessary, and also in the absence of side effects (anxiety, agitation, insomnia and hangover).You can buy Nuvigil at any drugstore of the US, or order Nuvigil online.

Clinical trials of Nuvigil.

The medication is studied as a possible treatment for cocaine addiction, because its clinical effect in many ways is the opposite to the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. The number of positive samples of cocaine in urine was significantly lower in the group receiving Generic Nuvigil, compared with a placebo group. Dan Umanoff, from the National Association of the promotion and protection of drug addicts, criticized the authors of the study for deleting the negative results from the discussion and summary of the article.

Later in the double-blind study of the drug by people seeking the treatment for cocaine addiction it was noticed significant improvement of some parameters such as the maximum number of consecutive days of non-use of cocaine, but there was found no statistically significant effect on the rate of change in the percentage. It was also shown that the medication helps with excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue caused by cirrhosis.

After two months of treatment there was a marked reduction in symptoms of fatigue, measured with Epvors Sleepiness Scale. Nuvigil has also been tested in the off-label application for people with symptoms of oppression of cognitive abilities after undergoing chemotherapy. In a study, conducted at the University of Rochester, 68 patients achieved significant results. «From previous studies we knew that the drug mitigated the deterioration of concentration and memory disorders, and we hoped that it would also help patients with breast cancer who were experiencing oppression of cognitive abilities after chemotherapy, and that is what exactly happened,» - there was said in the study, led by Dr. Sadhana Coley, Professor of Cancer Center of James P. Wilmot at the University of Rochester.

According to the manufacturer of the medication, Cephalon Company, there are conducted clinical trials of the drug as an aid in the treatment of the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. In a preliminary study of this concept it was found that the usage of the medication leads to facilitation of depression by this disease according to some criteria. At the same time it is known that by patients suffering from this disorder, the drug may provoke manic phase of the disease.