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May 11 / 2021

On Modavigil and alertness

Staying alert during daytime hours is extremely important for all of us. Though some conditions like narcolepsy and some events like preparing to an exam may disrupt heavily your ability to stay awake. Modavigil is a drug that can help you stay awake and alert right when you need it.

Alertness disruptors

In today’s world there are multiple causes of sleep (and thus – daytime alertness) disruption. The primary one among them is surely narcolepsy. This condition of central nervous system causes uncontrollable sleep bouts, cataplexy (sudden muscles relaxation), general sleepiness and feeling of weakness. Besides that among alertness destructors one can find obtrusive sleep apnea, work-shift sleep disruptions as well as preparations to college final exams.

The good news is that Modavigil can help dealing with all of these problems and give you back control over your alertness, concentration and attentiveness.

How Modavigil works

Modavigil works really similarly to amphetamine drugs. It increases levels of substances called neurotransmitters in our brains. Modavigil increases the level of the following neurotransmitters:
    — Dopamine
    — Norepinephrine
    — Hypothalamic histamine

The way Modavigil works makes it a really secure drug, since it does not cause addictions and cases of side effects are really rare.

Better safe than sorry

With Modavigil the cases when people are regretting about its users are extremely rare. Although as with any powerful medication you need to be careful with Modavigil. There is one general rule before using it – consult your doctor, providing him with all information necessary including information regarding other medications you are currently using.