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Jul 23 / 2021

Provigil - a drug for the mind

Preparations for the mind cannot make smart people more intelligent.

Approximately every fifth student takes such kind of medication in order to improve their ability to learn and also to improve their chances of success on exams. Though a new study on the effects of such drugs showed that they have no effect on healthy students, at least not that kind of effect they expect. It turned out that the study of medications for the mind adversely affects the health of people.

But there is one medication among such substances that can really be an effective means of improving mental abilities of people. This drug is called Provigil (it is also known under the commercial trade name Modafinil). Scientists have been studying how the drug acts on mind when intelligent students have to answer accurately and in a timely manner. The results were completely opposite to the results of tests of the similar substances.

In a randomized, double-blind study the drug increased the response at the time of the test. The study involved 32 students who were using this medication and 32 working with placebo. All participants were given the famous neuropsychological task of Hayling, which needs to be answered quickly and accurately. It turned out that the preparation for the mind increased the reaction time, improving the students' ability to react quickly.

It has always been considered that Generic Provigil may improve performance of the human mind. Now scientists explain that maybe the delay of the ability to respond quickly lies in the fact that the drug improves cognitive function, causing people to be less impulsive. The study showed that when a task requires instant reactions, the drug for the mind not only increases the reaction time but also improves cognitive functions of the brain. Previous randomized controlled study showed that the so-called drugs for the mind especially improve the participant's ability to find creative answers to questions.

For whom is useful the given drug?

When scientists noticed the ability of participants to creative problem solving, they found out a surprising fact. Not prone to creativeness people improve their skills by using the drug for the mind. Thus, this study proves that psycho stimulants enhance the ability of people with lower abilities, and increase the ability of healthy people whose cognitive functions are at an optimum level.

The medication is easy to get in the US, Australia and Europe. You can buy Provigil at any drugstore or order Provigil online at reliable online pharmacies. Your doctor is most likely aware of the possible interactions of the drug with other drugs and monitors the treatment you receive. Do not start taking medication, do not cancel it yourself and do not change the dosage of drugs without consulting your doctor.

The medication may accelerate or slow down the excretion of other different medications from the body, affecting the activity of certain liver enzymes. Provigil can reduce the effects of some hormonal contraceptives (tablets, patches, rings). This can lead to unwanted pregnancy. So during the reception of the medication and for one month after the reception you may require additional use of other reliable means of contraception.