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Jul 25 / 2021

Provigil alleviates excessive sleep symptoms

Provigil is found to be an agent that promotes wakefulness and has an influence on CNS.

It is usually prescribed for treating excessive sleepiness in grown-ups who faced with narcolepsy. The starting recommended dose is 200mg per day. One can find more information in the recent European review of the benefits and side effects of Modafinil. All the information is gathered and is published in the issue of Drug Safety Update in August 2010. According to the review, it is possible to get further advice and information concerning safety and efficacy of the drug.

New Provigil Information.

Generic Provigil is not advised in the following cases:

For people who suffer from uncontrolled hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias

For children who are younger than 18

For pregnant and breastfeeding women

Provigil should be discontinued or restarted In such cases the medication must be discontinued or restarted:

Serious skin reactions

Suicidal ideation disorder

Monitoring during Treatment.

When you order Provigil it is very important to monitor the condition during the whole period of treatment. It is recommended to do a baseline electrocardiogram before prescribing the medicine. Those patients with abnormal findings must be additionally evaluated before starting treatment with Provigil. One should regularly monitor his cardiovascular function, including heart rate and blood pressure. Those who develop arrhythmia must not have treatment with this medication.

Provigil Cautions.

Before you order Provigil, make sure that you know all the details about the drug. It is important to remember about the following things:

Provigil must be used with great attention in people who earlier faced with depression, mania or psychosis

Thos who had a history of drug and alcohol addiction are not recommended to have the medication

If it happens so that such patients receive such a treatment, they must be constantly monitored and checked for suspected side effects, thoughts and behaviors. If there are noticed more risks, the treatment must be stopped.

Eating Habits during Provigil Treatment.

It is very good to eat grapefruit and drink grapefruit juice while being treated with Generic Provigil. One can take the medication before or after meal, with or without it. It is important to drink it with a big glass of water. Do not forget to consume much liquid while being on the drug.