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Jul 26 / 2021

Provigil treats fibromyalgia

The main aim of Provigil is to treat excessive sleep which is caused by OSA, SWSD and narcolepsy.

Except this, the medication has a number of additional “off-label” usages which are so popular among the general population. Generic Provigil is believed to be a good fibromyalgia medicine.

What is Provigil?

The drug was originally developed as Modafinil in 1998 and approved by FDA for narcolepsy treatment. Later it has become a prescription drug and FDA approved it for treating other conditions. Provigil is considered to be a stimulant which affects central nervous system. It alters the amount of natural substances in the brain region which is responsible for wakefulness and sleep.

Why do people suffer from Fibromyalgia?

Currently there is being conducted many researches concerning the question around fibromyalgia. This disorder is no longer found only in women; men also can face with it. Fibromyalgia can appear because of stressful childhood, brain injury or it can be an inherited condition.

What does Provigil treat?

Except treating fibromyalgia, Provigil is widely used in treating of other medical conditions, such as:


Alzheimer’s disease

Multiple Sclerosis-related fatigue

Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)

Different disorders which are associated with memory loss, including aging and schizophrenia.

Provigil for treating Fibromyalgia.

A recent conducted study revealed that Provigil is good at reducing fatigue, which is found to be one of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia. 98 patients with fibromyalgia participated in the study and got treatment with Provigil. They had a dosage from 200mg to 400mg per day. Approximately, 2/3 of all people received 50% decrease of fatigue. 1/3 of the patients experienced no benefits from the drug at all.

One more study stated that those who got fatigue decrease were willing to buy Provigil again to continue their treatment. There were noticed some drawbacks after the study, which resulted that patients couldn’t drive more than 1 hour a day. It was also difficult for them to deal with 30-hour working week and cook meal regularly. There were no benefits from the medication of fatigue when people forgot taking a dosage. Some doctors say that it is better to order Provigil and have it with combination with other medication for treating fibromyalgia.

Is Provigil good for you?

In order to get the most of the drug during the treatment it is very important to talk with your doctor before getting the medication. He will decide if it good and safe for you. He will tell you about all possible side effects which can be associated with Provigil treatment. The physician will also estimate the seriousness of your fibromyalgia and will decide how to treat it. You should tell your doctor about the following conditions and problems, if they have any relation to you:

Drinking constantly or often alcohol

You have alcohol abuse history

You suffered from kidney and liver diseases

You are currently having some mental health condition

You are pregnant or a breastfeeding mom