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May 11 / 2021

Quickly on Modavigil

In this material we provide you a brief intro to usage and effects of anti-narcoleptic drug Modavigil

Modavigil is a modern popular anti-narcolepsy medication that helps people in alleviating narcolepsy syndrome and take back control over their productive daytime hours.

Narcolepsy is quite a wide-spread condition. According to some of the estimates over 600 000 people in world alone suffer from it. The key issue with this central nervous system chronic condition is that its symptoms ruin productive life by undermining people’s ability to stay alert during the day. Let`s take a look at these symptoms:
— Drowsiness and sleepiness throughout the day
— Uncontrollable urges to sleep resulting in people unexpectedly dosing off
— Cataplexy – sudden relaxation of all body muscles which can lead to anything from face muscles slacking to sudden falling down in unexpected places

Of course such symptoms ruin normal work – be it office-based and home-based and create all kinds of dangerous and risky situations (like falling down or missing your public transport stops or sleeping while driving). Modavigil efficiently removes those symptoms allowing its users to stay alert without extra efforts.

Such a result is achieved as Modavigil stimulates our brain to raise the level of neurotransmitters, namely dopamine and norepinephrine as well as elevates the level of hypothalamic histamine. One might notice that this is very similar to how amphetamines work. At the same time Modavigil is way safer than amphetamines since those latter do not stimulate heightened levels of hypothalamic histamine.

Since Modavigil is an efficient drug we advise you to consult your doctor or healthcare institution before using it. The reason for that is that doctor must be sure that you are not taking any of those drugs that Modavigil interacts with in order to avoid undesired side effects.