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Aug 09 / 2021

Specific Populations use Generic Modavigil

Modavigil Pregnancy Category C.

There are no many adequate and well studied cases how Modavigil influences on pregnant women. There were reported spontaneous abortion and intrauterine growth restriction in association with the medication. The pharmacology of Generic Modavigil is not the same as in those sympathomimetic amines. In studies with rats it was noticed that developmental toxicity of the medication took place at clinically normal plasma exposures. The medication should be prescribed for those who are pregnant only in the case if benefits justify all the potential risks which Modavigil can bring to the fetus. It is great to have a doctor in such a case on whom you can rely on.

Modavigil for Nursing Mothers.

Nowadays everyone can order Modavigil, but if you are a breastfeeding mom you should be very cautious. It is not yet fully known whether the medication influences bad or good on nursing moms. It is a well-known fact that a lot of drugs are excreted into human milk, that’s why there must be much attention while prescribing such a medication to these women. There is no yet concrete data concerning the influence of the medication on the milk in breastfeeding moms.

Modavigil in Pediatric Use.

There must be much safety and caution before you buy Modavigil for your child. Generally it is not allowed to give the drug to those who are younger than 18 years. There is no concrete information how Modavigil affects children, but the studies are being continued. One should remember that the medicine is not approved for being prescribed for kids. There were noticed some rashes, such as Stevens - Johnson syndrome (SJS) and erythema multiforme major (EMM) in association with the medication.

It is good to read carefully all the warnings and precautions which are given in the Medication Guide which goes together with the drug. In one controlled investigation, which lasted 6 weeks, 165 children from 5 till 17 years were given Modavigil. There was not noticed some significant difference between the groups who took the medication and the placebo. It is really very important to keep the medicine at home far away from all the children to avoid different unpleasant situations.

Modavigil in Geriatric Use.

In one study, those who were older than 65 years old received treatment with the medication. Because of age the medicine elimination and its metabolites should be reduced. The doses must be lowered significantly and the monitoring during the treatment must be given to all of such patients. With age human organism reacts slower on different medications and therapies, that’s why the doctor must choose such a combination of treatment, which brings the maximum results. The most important is to do everything what your doctor said and never act by yourself, when it comes to this drug.