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Jul 26 / 2021

Strong stimulant - Generic Provigil

Provigil promotes wakefulness.

Provigil is a strong stimulant which is usually prescribed for treating excessive sleep and promoting wakefulness. Too much sleep is caused by such disorders as sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. Generic Provigil is a medication which doesn’t cause too many side effects. Among the most common one can experience headaches, nervousness, diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, agitation and insomnia. If you face with such symptoms as fever, bleeding or bruising immediately call your doctor.

Provigil Important Information.

One can order Provigil in dosages of 200mg and 400 mg. The medication can interact with cyclosporine, imipramine, warfarin, diazepam, phenytoin, rifampin and propranol. That’s why one should be very cautious when deciding to take the drug during a long period of time. There is no concrete information concerning how the medicine influences pregnant women. Also it is not yet known whether it passes into breast milk.

Doctor’s Advice.

Before taking the medication it is better to have a consultation with your doctor.  He will decide if Provigil is a right drug for you, he wil determine what benefits and risks it can carry for your health. In most cases those who tried the medicine, didn’t face with serious side-effects. Visit your doctor during the whole treatment period with Provigil. Ask him everything which bothers you. If you hesitate concerning something, call him and ask his advice.

Provigil Data.

Nowadays one can buy Provigil without any problems. It has become a very popular drug among the general population. It is now possible to get the medication without any prescription in different reliable online pharmacies, which provide you with free consultations and medical advice. In one experiment it was estimated that Provigil was safe in almost 3, 500 people who used the medication. 2000 of them suffered from excessive sleep connected with SWSD, narcolepsy and OSA.

How Provigil is supplied?

One can order Provigil tablets in the following form: 100 mg capsules, each of them is shaped, white-colored, Provigil is written on one side and 100 mg on the second side. Also one can buy Provigil in the dosage of 200mg, also shaped capsules, and white color. The word “Provigil” is written on one side and 200 mg on the other one. Provigil Storage It is very important to keep the medication at home far from other members of the family, especially those who had history of drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Keep it in a locked box, access to which is available only for you. Store it far from the reach of children. The storage temperature is 20˚-25˚C. Choose a place which lacks sunshine and heat, it is dry and cold. Use in Specific Populations There should be much caution concerning pregnant, breastfeeding women, elderly people and children when prescribing the medication. There is no concrete date concerning these cases, but in order to avoid additional unpleasant side effects it is better not to take Provigil. As for children, it is not allowed to give the medicine to them.