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Aug 25 / 2021

Treating Narcolepsy with Provigil – the Rules

Treating narcolepsy can be challenging if you don’t have sufficient funds. The medicines nowadays are quite expensive and not anyone can afford them. So what is the solution? Are you doomed to suffer from unbearable sleepiness that prevents you from living a full life and getting a job of your dream? No, you do not need to suffer if you opt for the online purchase of prescription medicines.

Unfortunately, many people simply do not know about this possibility. Others think that online they can buy only fake Chinese drugs like all other fake products made in China and sold online. The good news is that it is absolutely untrue. How do you think people from other countries where average income per capita is many times lower than in the USA treat various diseases and disorders? They have the access to cheaper but not less effective drugs. Such drugs online are called generics. Usually, online pharmacies advertise such medicines using the known brand name and adding to it the word “generic”. For example, if your doctor prescribed you to take Provigil, you should look online for Generic Provigil in order to find the identical medicine at an affordable price.

What Generic Provigil really is?

Generic Provigil is a name used by online pharmacies. All of the medicines advertised under this name online in fact have their registered names and underwent all necessary clinical trials and got approvals to be used in narcolepsy and other wakefulness disorders. They are not approved in the USA for a simple reason – their manufacturers didn’t apply for the approval of the FDA because it is quite costly and not necessary for the rest of the world. They can sell their medicines in the country they manufacture them and online without prescription which is a good deal while then don’t need to spend billions to promote Generic Provigil in the USA.

Why do online pharmacies do not sell the medicines under their real names? They actually do, if you look through the websites of reliable pharmacies like those that are linked to our website, you can see the registered names for all medicines and find information about the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. The generic name is used only for an easy online search. Ask yourself, would it be easier to look for the drug name registered in other country and then look for the online pharmacy that sells it abroad? No, it wouldn’t. Now you can easily find the medicine identical to Provigil and the pharmacy that ships to your location simply looking for Generic Provigil.  This key word also indicates that the medicine can be shipped to the USA and UK where the medicine is known exactly under this name (Provigil). For the record, even in Canada there is sold the same medicine but with absolutely different name - Alertec.

How do wakefulness-promoting medicines such as Generic Provigil act?

The most widely used medicines today that are used to manage sleepiness issues are based on Modafinil, a wakefulness-promoting agent, which also shows its positive effect in the improvement of cognitive function, increase of concentration, motivation, productivity, and reduction of fatigue.

To date, in spite of the extensive research, the precise mechanism or mechanisms of Modafinil action on neurotransmitter systems remain unclear. According to the researches, Modafinil inhibits the reuptake action of the dopamine transporter, thus leading to an increase of concentrations of dopamine in the body. Therefore, it’s considered that Modafinil exerts its wakefulness-promoting and other effects by acting as a mild dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

Due to its amazing features, such medicines as Generic Provigil are also used for so-called “off-label” cases. They are recommended by doctors to reduce fatigue and increase concentration in depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, spastic cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and many others.

The medicine is considered safe and is even sometimes recommended to be administered in children with ADHD.  However, its maximum dosage of 400 mg daily has not been studied in long-term use and therefore is not recommended to be taken.

How to buy Generic Provigil safely?

First of all, use only the services of reliable online drugstores. In order to find one, check:

  • The reviews left by the real customers (see if there are emails, if the reviews can be left only after purchase).
  • Find information about the pharmacy you plan to use on the third party websites, for example, online forums or blogs.
  • Check if the pharmacy provides information about the drug manufacturer and country of origin. If you cannot find this information about the Generic Provigil you plan to buy, ask customer support managers. Assess their willingness to help you and disclose the information - then make a decision.
  • Ask the pharmacy if it has experience shipping to your area. Various countries and districts have their different laws on receiving medicines bought online. Make sure to check if you can safely receive the medicine and consult the online pharmacy’s staff about it.
  • Make sure to check the dosage of the active substance per pill, expiry date and additional substances compound.

Preserving your health is your sole responsibility

Even though you can find lots of information about Generic Provigil online, you should consult your doctor before taking the medicine. You need to be sure that you do not suffer from any conditions or take any medicines which are incompatible with the medicine use. Even if you see different dosage in the label of the medicine, do not follow it unless it corresponds to the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Every organism is very unique and if your doctor gives you personal recommendations after the medical tests were done, follow his or her instructions rather than the label recommendations.

Be careful using the medicine, never overdose. Keep a diary where you document all of the pills taken and symptoms that you have after the medicine intake. Generic Provigil may make you dizzy or do not act at all, so do not hurry to start driving a car or operating heavy equipment immediately after you took your first pill. You need to be sure that the medicine is acting on you and that it does not provide severe side effects that can threaten your life and life of people around you. If you experience any side effects, especially those related to heart, dizziness, or trouble breathing – immediately call the ambulance.

You don’t want to get rid of one problem but obtain another, do you? You significantly save buying Generic Provigil pills online instead of the same pills at your local drugstore. But being cautious and responsible is the key to the safe treatment. Do not overestimate the power of your body – if you use potent medicines irresponsibly, it will back fire you in no time, which is why we insist that you need to consult your doctor before ordering Generic Provigil pills online. Even if you don’t have narcolepsy or other disorder but simply want to use the medicine to stay more concentrated and organized, you should consult your doctor and undergo basic medical tests to be sure that Generic Provigil will not harm you.