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Aug 03 / 2021

Usage of Armodafinil in combating sleepiness

Armodafinil: useful information and application.

Armodafinil is an analeptic, which is quite often used with the purpose of treating sleepiness caused by narcolepsy. Office of Food Inspection and Drug Administration approved the drug also for the treatment of disorders caused by shift work. However, European Medicines Agency recommends limiting of the new appointments of medications that contain the drug, only for cases of narcolepsy, in connection with the risk of neuropsychiatric, allergic and skin possible side effects.

Generic Armodafinil is also widely used for other different purposes, for example, to suppress the need for sleep. It is also bought without a prescription of your doctor in order to fight general fatigue not related to the lack of sleep: for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and as help to antidepressants. You can easily buy Armodafinil at any drugstore of the US, Australia and Europe or order Armodafinil online at reliable online pharmacies.

There are various opinions as to whether cognitive effects, that the drug shows on healthy people which do not suffer from a shortage of sleep, can be sufficient to consider the drug as cognitive enhancer. Researchers agree that it improves some aspects of short-term memory such as keeping in mind numbers, different calculations and recognition of patterns, but the results which are related to spatial memory, executive functions and attention are contradictory.

Positive effects of the drug may appear only by people with a low IQ. One study found out that Armodafinil regained the ability to learn well by methamphetamine-addictives, but did not show any effect on healthy people.

Off-label usage.

The drug is widespread without a prescription of your doctor for the suppression of sleep needs while it makes better short-term memory after sleep deprivation. But in addition to the usage in order to strengthen the capabilities, the medication is widely used by physicians for many purposes.

Around the US and in many other countries, such drugs are registered for only one way of application, but they may be prescribed by doctors for plenty of purposes to the individual wishes and requirements of the patient. Such use is usually called off label, it is often practiced. The medicine is used to treat depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, sleepiness caused by opiates and Parkinson's disease.

It makes better the subjective mood and friendliness of people, at least, by shift workers. It is often taken by jet lag disorder due to flying to distant time zones. The drug may also be efficient and well-tolerated during the treatment of patients with the syndrome of seasonal affective disorder. The medication is also appointed by some doctors with the syndrome of "owl".

There is evidence that Armodafinil, used without other substances, is effective for certain subgroups of people with depersonalization disorder. Subgroups of people on whom it acts most are people with a lack of attention, low excitability of the nervous system and increased sleepiness. However, clinical trials have not been conducted. Dr. Evan Torch calls combination of SSR1 with Armodafinil the "hidden gem that can really help cure depersonalization disorder."