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Aug 21 / 2021

Wakefulness promoting effects of Modafinil

Modafinil properties.

Modafinil is not only the drug which promotes wakefulness. It has also become a very popular medication among those people who suffer from jet lag and face with boring tasks at university. It is quite a versatile medicine which is still considered to be a mystery for many scientists around the world. Generic Modafinil is a great drug for increasing productivity, which is so essential in the modern world. It was created in 1970s in France.

It should be prescribed by the doctor; otherwise you will not get it in your local pharmacy. It would be possible only to get it online without any prescriptions. Its main aim is to promote the feeling of wakefulness in those patients who faced with such sleeping conditions as narcolepsy, OSA and SWSD. It is a great solution to stay awake when it is necessary for those who do not have problems with sleep during a day. Modafinil is very popular among the students, military circles, doctors and other workers who face with much load and stress at their working places.

Once, even athletes were called to be users of Modafinil together with anabolic steroids and human growth hormones. In 2004 the World Anti-Doping Agency included this drug into the list of prohibited substances. The athletes usually used the drug in order to prolong sessions of their exercises and to enhance their overall performance. FDA declared the medication Schedule IV controlled substance, which is illegal to be imported without any prescriptions, with a limit of 50 doses only.

Modafinil and endurance.

Nowadays off-label uses of this drug are becoming to be more interesting to the public. People all the time have been interested in safe ways to improve their productivity, enhance endurance.  With the appearance of Modafinil all this has become quite possible. Currently many order Modafinil to help them deal with their boring work and be in time fulfilling some projects.

The medication can significantly boost your energy and productivity. You will no longer be tired because of monotonous work you are doing. A pill of Modafinil will help you to concentrate even on the most boring tasks and you will not be distracted by anything. It will give you a chance to make decisions quickly without any hesitating.

Modafinil vs. other stimulants.

In comparison with other popular stimulants, which were extensively used in the past, Modafinil will not cause any jitters, racing heart, anxiousness or any aggressive changes in the behavior. It will not lead to negative health consequences. It is not associated with dopamine spike, that’s why it is not addictive. But being quite a nee medication on the market, people must take it for a long time in order to notice any long-term effects and understand how the medication influence on their organism.

The half-life of Modafinil is 15 hours. It is quite long in comparison with a coffee which provides only 2-3 hours of wakefulness and then you need to repeat a dose. So those who take the medication should prepare to wait some time until the normal feel of sleepiness will return to them. If you are a healthy individual and do not suffer from any sleeping conditions, and you are so eager to spend a night doing something without any sleep interfering, it is better to  buy Modafinil and have a pill of it than several cups of coffee, which can really negatively influence on your health condition. It will be safer and more effective.