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Aug 05 / 2021

What is Nuvigil and how does it act?

Nuvigil treats depression in patients who suffer from bipolar syndrome.

Nuvigil is a prescription drug which is often prescribed for cases of narcolepsy. It enhances concentration, eliminates sleepiness and also enhances the perception and abilities of memory. This dietary supplement is proud to be among the class of nootropics. Generic Nuvigil is a medication which is often taken in order to get rid of inordinate sleepiness during the day and also in the treatment of narcoleptic patients. It can also improve the human perception by stimulating neurotransmitters in our brain, that is why it is widely used for improving mental abilities.

There were conducted tests on the quality of the drug as a helpful means for treating Alzheimer's disease, cases of severe depression, and attention deficit disorder. The medication refers to a group of evgeroics (stimulators) that promote mental alertness and enhance your attention. The drug is even applied by the US military as an energy stimulant for many pilots and soldiers when it is required to work for long periods of time without having any rest.

This may seem strange but in the past by the military there was widely used Dexedrine (also called amphetamine) during long time and lack of regular sleep. Soldiers who used Nuvigil, often reported that the drug helped them to keep excellent cognitive functions for up to 40 hours without any sleep, and had much fewer side effects than Dexedrine did.   The medication is also often used off-label, without a prescription of a doctor. So you can easily buy Nuvigil at the nearest drugstore or order Nuvigil online at reliable online pharmacies.

Why is it effective for depression treatment?

Cephalon Inc announced quite positive results of clinical trials on Nuvigil (also popular as Armodafinil and Waklert) - medicine for treatment of depression by people with bipolar disorder. It is usually characterized by often change of mood from extremely violent to the absolutely decadent. In the period of the change of phase, patients are in a depressed state.   Over eight weeks, researchers compared the efficiency and safety of drug and placebo as a companion product to stabilizer of the mood. In the test took part around 257 patients who suffered from bipolar disorder in the phase of depression.

Successful results of the patients who were taking Nuvigil were measured on a scale with 30 primary depressive symptoms. The manifestations of mental disorders declined by several points. The medicine was well treated by the patients, they did not complain on any side effects. Levels of mania, depression and even suicidal tendencies were compared between both groups of the drug and placebo. By patients treated with placebo there was observed two quite serious cases of mania. They were also having more attacks of anxiety and hyperactivity.

Nuvigil is also designed to combat daytime sleepiness caused by sleep apnea and different sleep disorders (for example, narcolepsy). However, the medication has not been actually approved for the treatment of cases of bipolar disorder.   There are some other ways of usage of this substance not for its main purpose, particularly it is taken in order to promote reduction of excess weight and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. For athletes it improves macrobiotic level and stamina, attention deficit disorder, depression, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.